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Not Sure About Manifesting Dreams Into Reality? Read This and Find Out!

Not Sure About Manifesting Dreams Into Reality?

Manifesting what you want
Vision Board

By Steve C Charles –

Manifesting is a science that so many people can’t come to terms with but, in reality it’s a stroll in the park when you know how!

If you really struggle with something that other people find easy to do, it’s not very nice is it? It’s frustrating and annoying to say the least. So when someone says that manifesting comes so easy to them, but you find it almost impossible no matter how hard you screw your eyes up and repeat your affirmations over and over again, you have to ask yourself where you are going wrong.

It works like this: Manifesting requires much more than wishing on a star that one fine day all your dreams will float down from a big fluffy white cloud and land in your lap almost like magic. This idea came about because so many people were told that to make your dreams come true all you have to do is want them hard enough and it will all happen right in front of your eyes.

Let me make this absolutely clear: It simply does not work like that, visualising and hoping and wanting is only part of the manifesting process.

So, going back to why some people manage quite easily and others struggle means that some people know the full manifesting process and others don’t; it’s as simple as that.

Manifesting is Not Just Dream Work!

To empower change in your life requires a simple process that basically consists of:

  • Creative Visualization
  • Want and Desire
  • Determination and Repetition
  • Confirmed Emotion
  • Informed Action

Normally speaking it’s the final step of taking informed and positive action that gets missed out of the process, with people believing that hoping and wanting for something every day is enough.

Manifesting anything in life is so much more than just dreaming about it. No one ever made anything happen just by day dreaming alone! So if wishing, wanting and dreaming is not enough and you have to take action, what is the best way of actually going about this?

Vision Boards Make Stuff Happen!

In a nutshell, vision boards are the key to manifesting. I am not trying to say that using a vision board is the only way to attract your wants but it certainly is one way to go about it; and it is a proven way too.

When Bob Proctor was asked about his beliefs on vision boards he could not praise them highly enough as sure-fire ways to empower dreams into reality; and just in case you didn’t know, Bob was one of the Master Thinkers of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, along with John Assaraf, Dr Joe Vitale and others.

If Bob Proctor believes in these boards then that underlines their importance in manifesting.

So if until now you have struggled with the concept of attracting dreams and desires into your life, despite really wanting and trying, then maybe it’s time to turn to using a vision board to help you get started in bringing about all that much wanted change.

A Vision Board Works Every Time You Allow it To!

Manifesting is a simple science that even a child can learn how to achieve; but if you are stuck then explore ways of making it happen as you really want it to! If that means using a vision board then fine!

You see, vision boards are one heck of a simple concept to use. You make them yourself, they cost only a few dollars to make, and you have the knowledge that providing you use them on a regular basis, they are literally going to turn your life upside down in a positive way, and empower all the change your heart desires.

Manifesting may be a struggle right now but certainly needn’t be. See this

If vision boards are needed to create the change you want then do it! Get my FREE report and discover exactly how on my website

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