Once And For All – Own Who You Are!

By Jim May

I believe that one of our biggest stumbling blocks is completely owning the awesomely powerful creator that dwells within us all. It can be very challenging to wrap your mind all the way around the fact that, EVERYTHING you experience in your personal life is your doing…no exceptions.You may say ” I would not have felt hurt if he hadn’t done blaa, blaa, blaa.” Or you might say ” It will possible for me to be happy when I have money, a healthy/fit body or the perfect relationship or the right job”.What I am getting at here is, that it will never be about fixing anything outside of ourself… never will that ever get you the lasting results you want. A man who was my teacher for a very longtime once said, to paraphrase,” If you want to be truly free, you MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY”. I totally agree…that is the only possible path to happiness.

It can be scary too but if you start with the less significant subjects and practice…it definitely gets easier. If you don’t giving up blaming your Mother,your Father, your husband, your wife, your teachers, your government, your friends, your anyone or anything outside of you, is like behaving the exact same way and yet, expecting the results to somehow be different. It’s not going to happen. It CAN”T happen because the Law of Attraction is THE most powerful law in the Universe and you simply can not buck it.What you think and feel ALWAYS creates a PERFECT match in your experience…ALWAYS!

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You were created so powerfully that NOTHING can change the vibration you emit except you. So if you are experiencing anything less wonderful in your life than you want,it’s YOUR creation and …here come’s the good news…you can change it.The moment that you consciously begin to think ( and feel,this may take thinking it for a while) differently…it, what ever it is for you, will begin to change. The speed at which it will change depends on how long it takes you to clean up your vibration around it. Sometimes I find that I am so emotionally attached to something or someone that, the best I can do is remove my thoughts about that, and think about ANYTHING that makes me happy…anything. I truth is if you are thinking about something that really makes you happy, you can’t possibly being vibrating in a way that would bring you anything but joy. Now, you may need to fight tooth and nail to resist slipping back to those thoughts that are not happy but, if you practice, you will soon see evidence of you labor.

We came here to thrive, to live life utilizing our personal preference, to create WHAT WE WANT, and to be well pleased by that which we have created. Don’t you think it’s time you got stared?

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