Our Hearts are Broken

black ribbonBy Irene Conlan –

The children are gone. Another shooting.

Our hearts go out to the parents of the children and the families of the teachers who were killed. Such unspeakable sadness. There are simply no words to describe the anguish, the shock, – the sheer horror of it all. So many lives lost.

Why the children?

Some who mourn will put on strong faces and forge ahead and some will simply retreat, perhaps to place deep inside themselves where it’s safe. Some will scream and some will sit silently, too numb to speak.  We each have our own way of dealing with grief and there is no wrong way. Do what you need to do to be able to survive all this grief.

Know that our love is with you. There are so many who truly care and who share your pain as best we can.

There are many of us who thank God when we see the faces of our own children whether they are 6 or 21 or 4o. Regardless of age they are still our children and unspeakably precious to us.

Soon we have to ponder the tough questions of “why?” and “what can be done?”

But today, we grieve.



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