Own Your Magnificence and Stop Playing Small

By Valencia Ray MD –

Greatness, magnificence, and brilliance – do you realize that these are words that really refer to your unique “Self”? Then why do we tend to feel so uncomfortable applying these words to our self? For that matter, we tend to only apply them to other people, after they have died.

Van Gogh, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Joan of Arc – these people were geniuses in their specific ways of contribution, yet while they were alive they were generally considered a bit nutty or a nuisance to the social order. Now dead, they are our heroes. If you stop and think about it, from the time we hit first grade, the social conditioning begins to dumb down our greatness and begins the nightmare into conformity.

As long as we have an outline for social law and order, what is so awful about being “different” from the next person? After all, it’s not rocket science – you are different. You don’t have to be an artistic genius or change the societal paradigm of the day to display your greatness. Everyone does not have a mission of this magnitude. What I am most interested in is that we as humanity begin to wake up to how self-destructive it is-spiritually, mentally, emotionally and mentally-to reject our self.

Self-rejection is at the root of stress, overwhelm, addictions, money trouble-both poverty and greed-poor relationships, and it can even create disease in your body. Are children born rejecting themselves? Of course not! It is a learned way of perceiving ourselves. Our brilliant brain will record whatever you focus on with feeling long enough, or if you feel strongly about it enough it happens rapidly. It will not judge.

What we truly belief about our self, life will reflect back to us in the Mirror of Life.

Another way to say this is Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself.” ~James Allen

Your brain forms “autobiographical memory,” the story of who you “think” you are. There are many reasons that contribute to our existing way of thinking of our self. What really matters, though, is that you realize that you can take responsibility-“response-ability”-for your life now right now. You can begin to learn how to retrain your brain and release the cellular memory of who you “think you are.”

Actually, YOU are not your thoughts. The real YOU is way greater than a bunch of limiting thoughts. Yet, what you think about your self will co-create your life experience. Own your own magnificence – there is not another exactly like you. It does not only powerfully improve the quality of your own life; it can contribute to improving the quality of the life of those around you and create a society that is more functional and healthier for us all, as well. Remember, society is created by and is dependent on the individuals that compose it.

“No man (woman) is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” ~John Donne

Just be YOU, magnificently. This is more than enough. There is no need to dumb down and cover your light to fit in the box.

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