Perception Deception

By  Darla Arni

Perception seems like such a straight forward thing. We assume that what and how we perceive something, whether it is the weather, our boss, our relationships, a news story, or the size of our hips, is reality.  Not so fast. We might physically see or experience the same thing as someone standing next to us, but we perceive it differently. That’s because perception involves taking what we see or feel and running it through our mental filters that are based upon our own past life experiences.

According to Dr. Phil, “There is no reality; only perception. Whatever meaning or value a particular circumstance has for you will be the meaning or value that you give it.”  Our perceptions determine how we act and react, which can cause trouble, especially when dealing with people. Your spouse might think they are helping and surprise you by organizing your office; you might see it as meddling and an invasion of your space.  Most of the time our differences just make for an interesting world; you and a co-worker have different opinions about a recent change in office policy or your spouse loves to watch baseball and you think it’s like watching grass grow.

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While it is true that our perceptions create our personal reality, not all of our perceptions are correct.  We might be functioning with false perceptions created by past traumatic or negative events. If as a child you were told on a regular basis that you’d never amount to anything, as an adult you might find yourself questioning your judgment and feeling you’re never enough. You could have a good life and many successes to your credit, but if you are replaying a demeaning voice of the past you are allowing it to control your present and future.

Changing our mind chatter and internal messages is a start, but we must really examine and challenge the faulty mental filters we have collected over the years to free ourselves from self-imposed boundaries. When I first began taking yoga classes my teacher suggested the following phrase as a focus during our meditation time, “I am all I believe I am.” I really fought this at first and some days I didn’t think so much of myself, so where did that leave me? But, in the past year I have come to realize it is true. It doesn’t mean that if we believe something it will ‘poof’ happen. Rather, it is teaching us that our mind and beliefs must change before our actions can change. Every day we make decisions based on our own personal perceptions of ourselves that determine our life path. That’s right, it is a choice. So my question to you is, “Is you’re perceiving keeping you from achieving?” Are faulty perceptions about yourself and others keeping you stuck? Do you possess the ability and knowledge to create the life you want but you just can’t because you are afraid of risk or failure?

I do not know what your limiting beliefs are, but I do know you can make the choice to recognize them, challenge them and put the faulty ones behind you.  As you identify them, write them down on an index card or in your planner so you can become aware of them as they appear over and over in your life. Today is the day to start being honest with yourself. Today is the day to exert your power of choice.

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