Pre and post workout tips for glowing skin and a healthy lifestyle

For many of us, working out means losing weight or getting into suitable physical condition. However, it can often mean a bit more than mere weight loss. Often, we’ll use workouts to help improve how we look physically in terms of our skin condition and much more. With that in mind, you might wish to find some useful pre and post workout tips to help improve your skin as much as your waist size.

What, then, are the best ways to help improve the conditioning of your skin during and after a workout?

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If you want to feel good after a workout, there are several things that you can do to guarantee just that. With the following tips, you’ll be much more likely to see a positive improvement physically. While losing weight might be a good thing, a workout can be harsh on your skin. A bit of pre-workout planning, though, could help you to avoid such issues. Where should you start?

Wear anti-sweating products

A good starting place is to get some products that can help you to avoid excess perspiration. All of that sweat landing on your skin, and lying during the workout, can lead to some skin issues. It will at the very least give you another layer of skin that’s sweat building up on it. If you want to try and reduce the likelihood of such an issue, then wearing some anti-sweating products will often do the trick.

This is a smart yet simple trick for helping to cut down on the amount that you sweat. The less sweat that lies on your skin, the less chance of it being irritated. Everything from anti-sweat deodorants to clothing that can help with sweat reduction will come in handy. It’s definitely something to consider if you want to keep the amount that you sweat down to a minimum amount moving forward.

Apply a barrier ointment

Barrier ointments are very useful for protecting your skin if you are going to be working outside. If your workout is going to be taking place outside, then you should definitely protect your skin with a proper SPF moisturizer. These kinds of barrier ointments are very useful for helping to protect the body, and give yourself extra cover during a workout.

This will help you to help keep the skin hydrated and also help to avoid excessive sun damage. Many of us have skin problems due to excessive skin exposure to the sun when we are working out. If you are more likely to be going outside for a workout, then, don’t let your skin become the part that feels the damage most. Try to give your skin a bit of extra protection, especially on the hottest of days. The more that you do this, the less likely it is that long-term exposure will have a lasting impact.


Always keep your fluid levels high. This should be a general rule of life, in truth, but especially when you are working out. If you make sure that workout tipsyou get plenty of hygiene in before a workout, you are much more likely to benefit from better skin in the long run. Research from Proteinpowder recommends that you start drinking as much as 20 oz of water in the 2-3 hours building up to your workout programme. You should do this as it will help to give your skin the help that it needs to stay nice and hydrated, even as your body works through all of your present fluids.

If you do this for long enough, your skin will be much more likely to maintain a strong, natural complexion. If you also keep this up, your skin is less likely to break or become damaged looking after a tough workout.

Go makeup-free

You should try to avoid wearing so much make-up to the gym, too, if possible. A make-up free workout is something that you should get into the habit of doing, as it’s going to help avoid needless oil build-up – or blockage- of the pores.  Your skin needs to be able to breathe and feel good during a workout. If you wear make-up, you are stopping a part of your face from being able to breathe in the right manner.

Going make-up free is always important when going to the gym or working out, as it just helps the skin. Instead of thinking about aesthetics, think about performance quality when working out. If you do wish to wear something, then some basic tinted moisturizer is all that you would need. This can give you a happy medium without having too much oil building up or blocking pores on the face.


What about after the workout, though? As we mentioned above, they can have a bit of a hit on your skin. All of that activity is almost certain to cause some issues to your skin. For one, you’ll have used up plenty of fluids throughout. What, though, can you do if you want to improve your post-workout results?

What can you do to make use of all of that workout activity? With your body already in a period of recovery and change, how can you use that to help your skin feel – and look – much better?

Use intense cleanser in the shower

The first thing that you should look to do is get hold of an internal cleansing agent. When you are finished your workout, you will naturally want to shower to freshen up even further. If you pick up an internal cleanser that you can use, this can help even more with getting rid of excess dead skin cells. It also helps to get rid of any excess oil that might be blocking your pores.

This will also further help with the removal of any toxins or oils that are building up on your skin. Given the fact that your workout actively helps to dispel these, you should look to help your body get rid of them as quickly as you possibly can. It’s a small but significant way to start improving the overall conditioning of your face. So, make sure you give your skin a proper cleanse afterward.

Apply an anti-aging cellular face oil

After the intensity of a workout, you should also look to give your skin a bit of help with an anti-aging cellular face oil. Many of these are good to use, but each one should be useful for helping to leave you with a smoother, softer complexion afterward. Given the intensity of a workout, your face is often red from exertion. This comes due to dilation of the capillaries of the skin.

If you moisturize yourself properly, then you should find that your skin will be naturally much moister. This will also help to give the skin a bit more protection from drying out and reduce the likelihood of your skin looking overly bothered from the workout. If you do this, you are much more likely to be left with skin that isn’t going to be as negatively impacted by the strain of the workout that you have taken on.

Dry shampoo

A good way to start making your post-workout skin care even more impressive is to start using some dry shampoo. Many people will not want to go the full hog and wash their hair entirely after a workout – and it’s easy to see why. If you would like to avoid doing so, also, you should look to use a dry shampoo. Such tools are excellent for long-term improvement of your hair and will leave your hair with a stronger texture – and your skin.

It’s great for giving yourself an easy way to keep your hair feeling fresh without needing to go through the full washing process.

This is a very useful way to help improve the quality of your skin as well as your hair. A bit of dry shampoo is going to be much better than nothing at all. This makes it a fine happy medium for anyone who wants to clean their hair without going to excess with shampoo and conditioner.

Boost your Post-workout smoothie

Lastly, you should look to make that post-workout recovery shake even better. Instead of just going for one that can rejuvenate the body after the workout, add in some skin-saving ingredients as well. You should look to try and add in some ingredients such as collagen peptides. These can easily be found to go into a normal protein shake and will help to improve your collagen production.

This should help give you richer, stronger and healthier skin. Since the smoothie that you take will often have protein in it anyway, you may as well help your body produce more collagen at the same time. You can often find many good collagen peptides with added ingredients such as Vitamin C, too, which can be great for long-term skincare.

So, try to include the above solutions into your pre and post-workout programme. If you do that, you’ll be left with stronger, smoother and far more satisfying skin than ever before.

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