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Reduce Stress and Improve Health - The Pet Benefits

Reduce Stress and Improve Health – The Pet Benefits

By MJ Schrader –

Playing with pets may not seem like a great key to success. It is a great key to reducing stress and increasing relaxation. Surprisingly playing with dogs or cats or both can be very healthy!

How can pets help?

Pets provide a non-judgmental relationship. They love you for who you are without requesting you change. Although cats do appreciate you changing, their cat litter that is. But dog, cat, or other pet there are responsibilities, and these responsibilities can provide an outlet as well.

Why are more responsibilities good?

They pass no judgment, but they love you and provide companionship. Dogs may require walking, but it forces you to exercise. You need to play with pets. This results in you relaxing and enjoying the moment rather than focusing on things that may add stress to your life.

Do you need more love?

We all need more love. In a family, everyone can help share the responsibilities of a pet. A pet can be enjoyed by all and help everyone feel more in touch. The pet can be part of family activities and playing with a pet can become a family activity. This special time with a pet with or without the family helps improve your attitude and self-esteem. Spending time petting and cuddling with your pet is allows you to reduce stress and feel more relaxed.

How can pets improve self-esteem?

A pet can help improve your self-esteem and health in a variety of ways. The companionship and non-judgmental behavior of pets allows you to relax and feel confident in what you do. The companion nature of pets helps people to not feel alone, because sometimes even when you are with other people you may feel alone.

How does a pet help with health?

A pet helps with health by allowing you to relax. This action has been shown to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Often disease is more of a case of dis-ease. A pet provides comfort and eases what you feel. A pet gives you love and you feel more love this increases your happy endorphins which improves your health.

What if I do not have pets?

You may have friends or family that have pets. Ask if you can pet sit, or ask if you can spend time with the pet. Many people understand the need to spend time with pets and will share. Recently places to rent pets or places to spend time with pets have started appearing around the world.

Have you looking into volunteering?

You can also volunteer at a local shelter or other place with pets and spend a bit of time with the pets there. Plus the volunteer work will further boost your esteem as helping provides natural endorphins just like pets. Helping with the pets and volunteering is a double helping of you socially, mentally and emotionally. Volunteering and pets help improve your blood pressure and cholesterol so this is a win/win situation.

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