Ripple Effect

By Betsy McGuire –

I had the chance to watch a pilot for a new TV series the other night. The show is called TOUCH. The premise is that we are all connected in this world. In this series, an 11 year old autistic boy is able to actually see or sense all of these connections and uses numbers to make sense of them. The pilot highlighted about ten people living in different parts of the world and how the actions of one led to a consequence in the life of another. I have to say, I really enjoyed this show and it illustrated something I talk about a lot which is the connection of all people.

Have you ever stopped to think about the effect your mood, words, or actions have on the people around you? Think about this: when you are treated rudely, what is your reaction and what are the consequences of your reaction?

Take this example. Jack’s boss comes into his workspace and criticizes Jack for meeting a deadline too slowly (even though the deadline was met). Jack’s reaction is to internalize this criticism and take it personally. It makes him feel bad and worthless. Feeling worthless makes him angry. Jack lets his anger grow within him throughout the rest of the work day. He gets into his car at the end of the day and hits the road. A driver on the freeway makes a mistake and accidentally cuts in front of Jack. Jack, still grouchy from the encounter with his boss, angrily holds up his middle finger and makes sure the other driver sees it. Next stop, the grocery store to pick up some dinner. When the store clerk greets Jack and smiles, he gets annoyed and snarls back. On to the wife and kids at home. They are thrilled to see Jack and want to share with him what happened to them during the day. Not in the mood, Jack ignores them all and goes about his business.

So what happens next? Well, if the driver, store clerk, and Jack’s family take on his negativity (just as he took on the negativity of his boss) just think about the implications. Each of those people is now headed out into the world to interact with countless others in a negative way and so on and so on and so on.

The next day Jack wakes up refreshed, completely oblivious to the ripples of negativity still going and going throughout the world. These particular ripples didn’t start with Jack (there were reasons the boss was in a critical mood), but they could have ended with him. If he would have been able to take a moment after his boss left and turned the situation around within himself, things would have been much different. With a different attitude, Jack would have shrugged off the driver, smiled back at the cashier, and created a happy, pleasant atmosphere for his family – ending the bad ripple caused by his boss. All of us can create positive ripples in the world regardless of how we’re treated. It’s up to us to decide how we will show up in this world. We are not at the mercy of other people’s negativity.

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