How to Salvage Your Sex Life Before You Get Locked in a Sexless Marriage

It is not entirely clear how a sexless marriage is or should be defined. For some, a sexless marriage should be defined as one where the couple has sex less than ten times a year and for others, the definition is about the personal threshold of the persons involved. Going by the latter, a wife or husband who wants sex every day or every other day may consider themselves to be in a sexless marriage if they are only getting it once a week or less.  

The Epidemic of the sexless marriage

The “epidemic” of the sexless marriage has been a major concern for almost everyone including therapists, psychologists, and of course, couples. According to, recent surveys prove that the number of Americans who are living in sexless marriages are as many as 20 million, a significant rise from the numbers quoted on The Experience Project website; 17,000 people who say they are enduring a sexless marriage.

The problem is not restricted to the United States alone as one survey shows that 54% of Australian men and 42% of Aussie women are not satisfied with how often they get to have sex. The situation is so bad in Japan that now, nearly half of all marriages in the country are considered sexless.

There are many reasons why a marriage may get to the sexless stage, including infidelity, children, work, power struggles, menopause, and a host of other issues. If you are concerned your marriage may be heading in that direction, it may be that somehow, you have allowed that aspect of your life to get boring. Try these out to salvage your sexual relationship with your spouse:

Read and Research

Grab your spouse and try reading some erotica together. Having your spouse read aloud to you may be more engaging and connecting for both of you than watching a movie or series. Buy a couple of books or look on the web for websites that publish those kinds of stories. If you’re not too sure, you can stick with simple romance pieces that include a few steamy scenes here and there.

Combine this with some research into sex. Look into studies, books or websites that address the psychology of sex, the issues, and other topics that directly or indirectly relate to sexual relationships. The goal is to never stop learning even when you feel your marriage is in the clear.

Visit an adult novelty store

Perhaps this is one idea that has never crossed your mind, or maybe you’re not too sure about the idea. When it comes to your sex life with your spouse, you should be willing to try new things and keep an open mind. Think of a trip to an adult novelty store with your spouse as an opportunity to learn. Sex toy shops like The Love Shack Boutique are such a wonderful option because they have packages for couples which include a sex education session with an expert. Surprise your spouse by taking them to an adult novelty store for a date and you two are likely going to get some ideas for some private time at home.

Get rid of the kids

We all love our children but let’s face it, they are part of the reason we can’t have as much private time with mommy or daddy as we would like to. One of these days, try sending the kids off to grandma’s place for the weekend and try some of these sex tips for married couples. Remember, try to keep an open mind.

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