Say No to Procrastination

The word procrastination comes from the Latin Pro – in favour of and Cras – tomorrow. Is that you?  Are you putting things off?

What has procrastination been costing you?

• Your health

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• Your relationships

• Your energy

• Your finances

• Your career

• Or is it just plain wasting your time

You are not alone, would you be surprised to know that nearly everyone procrastinates one way or another!

You need to ensure that whatever it is you are  procrastinating about is something you really want, need or have to do.  Sometimes we tell ourselves we are procrastinating when sometimes we are just plain tired or haven’t got the concentration at that moment. Make sure you recognise the difference.  Remember procrastination means ‘putting things off’, not just delaying things.  When you delay things you are saying you will do it later, that is different to avoiding the task altogether.

I started to do that myself.  I had a job that really needed doing and not only did it need doing I wanted to do it, to get it out of the way  – but I was just too tired and I knew that if I did it whilst I was that tired – I wouldn’t do it properly.  I did ask myself if I was procrastinating (putting it off) or I was really tired.  Well I had a good rest, got up and did the job, my accounts perfectly – all reconciled and no mistakes!

Tips to keep motivated and avoid procrastination

1. Tell yourself you will do the task and keep your word to yourself.

2. Reward yourself for completing the task

3. Know that you can get into good habits by completing the task

4. Chunk down the task into small pieces

5. Set time limits

6. Look away from the fact that you need to be perfect

7. Visualise how you will feel once you have completed the task

8. Find the inspiration which will make you begin the task

9. Ask yourself how quickly you would do the task if you were doing it for somebody else.

10. Just set a time and do it

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