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Self Awareness in Fitness – Knowing Your Body’s Limits

Nick Jarosh –

Self-awareness is key when looking at any fitness program or fitness lifestyle. As you work toward your fitness goals, many times tunnel vision can set in. You can be so set on the plan and frame work, that you will ignore what your body could be telling you. Even though, it is highly important to have a plan, sometimes creating self-awareness and listening to your body is key to consistency throughout the program.

Let us look at an example:

You have committed to 30, 60, or 90 day challenge. Many programs like Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred, P90X, or a customized plan are structured at a set number of days. A good program will do that. However, many times there is a set schedule you must follow. While these schedules are great, they can be misleading at times.

Most of these programs are designed with everything in mind. Hard days mixed with easy recovery days. Many people follow these to the letter. However, some days you MUST LISTEN to your body.

Your body is an amazing tool. Its design is so complex we still haven’t uncovered all of its potential. Since it is so complex it often uses systems to tell you what is going on. It is your job to be in tune with these systems.

If today is a scheduled intense plyometric day but your body tells you, I am too run down, you listen! Use this as a yoga or light jogging day. Do the plyometrics tomorrow. Your body is telling you this for a reason.

When we listen to our body’s we are becoming aware of not just what the body needs, but what our life needs. Many times if the body is over worked, it is because of outside stressors. These stressors play a negative roll on the body’s ability to ward off infections, diseases, and other negative reactions. When we play an active role in the prevention of these harmful effects, we are talking an active role in our self-awareness.

Physical activity allows the mind and body to work as one. This self-awareness allows you to see potential problems before they are out of control. Listening to your body prevents injury and further damage to its structure. Know your limits and know when to push yourself.

Creating Self Awareness in your body can be the difference between completing the program or injuring and starting all over again.

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