Self-Esteem: How to Feel Better About Yourself

Self-esteem plays a significant role in how we perform in the outside world.

How we view ourselves become our reality. It may not seem like it, but we create our own reality. Our thoughts become who we are. If we view ourselves as someone who’s incapable of anything and that’s who we’re going to become. How? It’s going to reflect in our actions, and as a result, that’s how people are going to describe us.

People usually let other people define who they are. It doesn’t matter if they think they can do it or not because of other people says otherwise, they’ll find a way to convince themselves that what other people are saying are true. This is ironic since how other people treat us is just a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

Think about it. If someone asks like he knows everything, and then other people would start believing that it’s true. But if someone acts like he’s a dummy, and that’s most likely how other people is going to look at him.

Changing our thoughts and perspectives about ourselves can really turn our world around, and of course, in a good way. But like so many things, this is something that’s easier said than done. It takes a lot of practice, and the worst part is that most people don’t even know how to start. With that, I decided to wrap up some tips on how to develop your self-esteem.

Know what you’re good at

Low self-esteem starts with negative situations and experiences. It pays to be familiar with those events that got in you in that kind of self-concept. Spotting your negative experiences, you’ll be able to open your eyes into the characteristics you have that got you there in the first place. Coming to this realization, it will benefit you if you have something you’re good at. It will help you set your mind straight to learn from your experience and be better. Look for that one passion or skill. So that whenever you feel down by some event, you have something to hold on to. Failed that history report? You’ll have something to hold on to. You don’t have to focus on that one event. Instead, you’ll think that even though you’re not good at that one thing, at least you’re still good at something. Focus on that. This way, you won’t hesitate to try and do better the next time.


Feel good about yourself by helping other people. Taking care of yourself: feeding yourself, getting enough rest, taking good care of your feelings, these are all good ways to improve your self esteem, but one of the most effective ways to find self-worth is by being of good use to other people.

Sure, being good looking or being clever can help you feel much better about yourself, but even the most beautiful and most intelligent people in the world feel out of place when people are taking them for granted. They feel devalued when people don’t appreciate their work. Face it. The reason we’re all doing our best to do something is because we yearn to earn the approval of people. What better way to do that than to be of help to others.

Take the time to volunteer at organizations. You’ll be surprised how helping other people can bring a big change in how you see yourself.

Take care of your appearance

People are always talking about how kids these days are more concerned about their physical appearance. Well, the truth is, how we look is the first thing that people sees us. With that, they’ll start to build assumptions on what you’re really like. Besides, how we treat our self, says a lot about who we are.

When we wear unclean clothes, and then that only means that we’re filthy. If we wear ironed clothes everywhere we go, and then that only means that we’re organized. It means we like to plan things.

Remember that everything starts with yourself. Respect yourself, and other people will respect you. Taking care of your appearance is included in the package.

Write down your accomplishments

People are used to focusing only on the bad. With that kind of mentality, you’re really on your way to low self-esteem.

Yeah, sure, it’s hard to focus on the positive side when you’re faced with big problems, but sometimes it pays to write down all the things you’ve done in your life so that when things doesn’t go your way, you have a way to remind yourself that it’s worth it, that there’s still a c chance that things will work out. Remind yourself that before you got to those accomplishments and achievements, you also went through a lot of trials and that what you’re experiencing now is just one of them.

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Patrick Greene works as a contributor at He is a former editor of a small town newspaper publishing. He is an avid fan of social media, and runs his own page for writing enthusiasts for his college. With the rising clamor for healthy living, Patrick immersed himself with water sports.

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