Self Help, Self Reflection Through Awareness and Meditative Introspection

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Before you can start down the path of self improvement, you need to know your current state of mind. The best way to assess your thought process and mental state of being is through introspection. Choose a quiet time when you are by yourself and will not be interrupted for at least 30 minutes. The location should be comfortable, safe and secure. Be certain that you feel at ease. Set a pleasing ambiance, soft music, scented candles or what ever you prefer. Relax and ask yourself the questions.

The key is to be completely honest and objective with yourself. You want to examine your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Become aware of your strong and weak points. Search out and identify the sources of negativity. Discover your inner feelings and their causes. As you go through these questions, you may want to write your answers down so that you can read over them when you are finished. Look to see if you have given similar answer to different questions. If so, you will want to examine those answers to see if these are areas which need improvement.

Write your answers down, so that you will have the ability to look back at them over time. You need to do your self reflection several times a year. Each time write your answers down and then compare them to previous sessions. This way you can track the progression of your improvement.

Through continual effort, self introspection and the use of positive words in your thoughts you can reach an awakened state of mind. When you achieve this awakened state, you have the ability to transcend your current state and obtain a higher plateau of awakened consciousness.

The tools needed to reach this awakened state of mind are available. You just have to know where to look. The best investment that you will ever make is an investment in yourself. Investing in yourself is worth the time and cost. The reward is priceless.

A guide to aid you to self awareness, self reflection and an awakened state of mind is now available! David Duane Wilson invites you to look at the information on “Awakening Yourself.” Learn how to recognize your current state of mind, identify areas needing work and have the ability to transcend to a higher plateau of thinking. For a list of introspection questions, go to

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