Self-Improvement and Success Go Together

By Tony Gilpin

How do you know if someone is willing and ready to work on self-improvement?

Obviously, you can’t actually answer this question directly for everyone, because each individual is different and each will approach self-improvement differently. However, self-improvement is definitely something that every person can work on. How do you do this?

Each of us has individual goals, dreams and ambitions. However, we just don’t know how exactly to go about it. In fact, if you’re like just about anyone, you might even have thought about this and wondered what exactly you can do. However, you still probably don’t know just how to make a plan and take the actions you need to in order to achieve your goals.

Maybe you’re someone who just has a very indistinct idea as to how you can improve yourself. Maybe you think you just need a better job, better opportunities, or a loving relationship. Whatever it is, you may think that if you attained your desire, you’d be happy.

If this is you, then it’s obvious that what you are currently focusing on at least to some extent is external rather than internal, as it should be. In short, you think external factors rather than your own thoughts and actions are what make the biggest difference. However, this is not true.

Let’s say that one of your biggest goals in life has been to “make more money”. Maybe you think that if you’re rich, you can relax, do whatever you want to, and “then” focus on self-improvement. However, this doesn’t do anything to actually help you establish real goals and think about how you can actually achieve what you want in life by taking specific, concrete actions. In short, what you really need is a plan.

First, think about what you really want from life. Don’t focus on broad-based “goals” such as a vaguely fuzzy idea that you want “more money,” without truly defining what you really want in clear and concrete terms. And don’t simply drift along day-to-day, just getting by, with no real defined path.

Now, if you’re happy with your life just as it is, of course you shouldn’t change it. Maybe you’re happy earning “just enough” and getting by, with a relatively comfortable life and a relatively secure job. But for most, this isn’t enough and they need something with more passion and more meaning. If this is you, self-improvement should be your goal.

It might surprise you to know that in fact, no matter what you do, you are constantly changing. We each face circumstances that make us grow, develop and learn new skills, even if we don’t consciously decide to do so. Up until a certain age, most of us learn through some kind of formal education, at least through the end of high school. After formal education is over, we still continue to learn through informal “educational” experiences that occur for the rest of our lives. Everyone has to learn and grow in order to deal with ever-changing challenges we all must face as we go through life.

In years past, this type of ever-changing “education” happened at a relatively slow pace, and this meant that we could incorporate changes as we needed to and as we became ready for them. Now, however, modern life moves very, very fast and we often aren’t ready to deal with the pace at which things come to us. We’re overwhelmed, even though the changes we experience are beneficial as well as stressful. For example, we have more opportunities, but also more stress and change in today’s modern life compared to previous years.

One thing that is much more apparent today than ever before is the presence of competition. Technology has meant that few jobs exist anymore that are simply skilled labor types. Jobs also usually do not last for someone’s entire lifetime, as jobs in the past did. Very often, people have to change jobs once or more during their lifetimes, instead of staying in one career during their whole working lives as past generations did.

Because of this, today’s working adults need to be able to stay competitive by regularly acquiring new skills and new knowledge, so that they stand out from the crowd. As one of those adults, if you want this to happen, you need to continually focus on self-improvement. If you do so, you’ll be more likely to keep your job, acquire promotions within your given field, and/or be able to change jobs or even fields of expertise if necessary to stay employable.

If you commit to self-improvement and personal growth, you will go a long way toward determining your own future success.

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