Self improvement and the Writer’s Strike

So the writers are on strike. Hooray! Let’s hope they all strike – actors, directors, production crew – all of  them! And if they stay on strike for a very long time, that’s even better. Our self improvement will soar.

Why do I say that?

  1. We might turn the TV off and actually have some real conversation with the members of our family and with our close friends. What a concept. Do your think we’ve forgotten how?
  2. Without TV,  we might find that we enjoy doing different activities as a family. Arts and crafts, games, puzzles, and sports might permanently replace sitting in front of  the TV and children may get to use their imaginations again in those wonderful “let’s pretend” games.
  3. Some may actually pick up a book and begin to read again.
  4. Some may decide it’s time to learn meditation, or practice yoga, or join an exercise class.
  5. Perhaps, with the down time, producers can see how ridiculous the salaries have become and put some kind of sanity back into the pay scale. Maybe they can make it more equitable for the writers and those who support the “stars” because, without them, there would be no “stars.”
  6. The advertisers will find new ways to discover and influence their target markets – maybe fattening the newspapers with ads again or finding new ways to use the Internet. Maybe they could lower their prices with the money they save when they don’b buy those expensive TV commercials.
  7. Couples may discover they have more time for their own love-making and don’t have to watch it in scene after scene on TV.
  8. Our children (and some adults) will be limited in their viewings of what I call sub-zero role models like Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. Maybe their absence will make our teens grow fonder of those who provide genuine entertainment, talent and sanity.

Hopefully the news writers will strike as well and there will be no negative invective and biased reporting until after next year’s elections. Imagine how sick we’ll be of all the candidates after another full year of this backbiting, fabrication and innuendo. We can get all the news we need on the Internet and in the newspapers and we may even form new opinions when the news broadcasters aren’t continually telling us what to think and believe.

Yes, we all have the ability and the option to turn the TV off at any time. But more will exercise their options when the reruns get so old that we can all recite the dialog word for word or when the reality shows get so stupid and unreal that we simply can’t stand to watch them anymore.

I am not unsympathetic to those who are not given their fair share of the revenues and to those who are innocently impacted negatively by the strike. Let the unions and management negotiate a quick settlement so no one is irreversibly hurt by the strike. But don’t think there is no life outside TV. Lets hope that people rediscover that  they can live quite well – thrive even – without the TV and that management realizes everyone involved in  the business needs to be fairly remunerated.

In the meantime enjoy the time with your family and discover how extremely well you can survive when you put the remote on the shelf and shoot hoops or play games with your kids.

Let the self improvement begin.

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