Self-Improvement – Goals Help Define Who We Are

By Kristina Von Rosenvinge –

I came across this gem recently. “The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be far greater than what you get.” This quote was attributed to Jim Rohn. It got me thinking about the phrase ‘What it makes of you’. I believe that is the key to thinking about setting goals.

We all have heard of people who have set goals that have not reflected well on their character. A recent example is Bernie Madoff who gambled with other people’s money in order to achieve his personal goals.
He lost site of what it made of him. And when the economy changed it became apparent to all of us who he had become.

Most of us want to set goals because it propels us forward to bring forth who we are. When we accomplish a realistic goal our joy comes from having achieved what we set out to do. The more important piece is the step before starting the goal. It is having an expectation of ourselves that indeed we are capable of more. When we do not set goals for ourselves we begin to stop growing. Sadly, there are many people who stop setting goals and loose the zest for living fully.

When I talk about goals I mean setting goals which help us become who we want to be. Simply put it is rising to our own expectations. If we want a healthy body committing to goals that will let us achieve that. If we desire close caring relationships with people that matter to us making that a priority. Making the most of our intellectual capabilities in our careers, businesses, and other endeavors. If we care about the environment getting involved. Goals alone are not enough they need to be put into action. Then “what it makes of you will always be greater than what you get”.

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