Self-Improvement through Green Living

going greenBy Kristina Ross –

Popular discussion around green living typically elucidates its macro level benefits: less pollution, healthier forests, preserved wildlife – those types of things. Where the discourse falls short is in its inability to highlight the bona fide personal good that a green lifestyle can bring about. Of course, rehabbing the planet is a wonderful thing, but that doesn’t take any credence away from the importance of personal growth. Here are three aspects in which going green can help promote a better you:

  1. Cardiac health. By skipping out on unnecessary car rides and fast food and replacing them with bike rides, walks and organic dishes, you’re doing much more than reducing your carbon footprint. You’re reducing the strain on your heart. A bit of exercise a day can work wonders, and foods like nuts and beans are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that many believe can lower cholesterol. Your heart isn’t a complicated of a creature is often made out to be – treat it with some care and it’ll be well worth it.
  2. Mental health. Spending time outdoors, whether it’s in the garden, at the park or in the woods, can be a big treat for your brain. We all know the benefits of natural sunlight, but researchers at the University of Illinois have worked to prove the soothing powers of the entire outdoors. Dr. Frances Kuo and his team have noticed higher rates of sociability and generosity across of a series of studies they’ve performed in outdoor settings. Plus, they noticed lower rates of obesity in many locations that featured more green space. Ostensibly, your green initiative could boost your psyche beyond what you might expect from vegging out on the couch and channel surfing!
  3. Budgetary health. No one wants to eke out a living on a tight budget. Fortunately, some of the easiest ways to go green are also some of the easiest ways to curtail your spending. For example, CFL and LED light bulbs can save a sizeable amount of cash when you switch them in for your old incandescent bulbs. Plus, they’re far more environmentally friendly. Another simple way to go green that people often don’t consider is in their home buying process. Well-shaded homes will help you avoid jacking up the AC in the summer, for example. And that can help you keep both your electric bill and your environmental strain on the lower end.

Going green isn’t all that tough when you get down to it. Take some extra effort to watch how you consume, and spend some more time outdoors doing something positive for our environment. With a little concern on your end, it shouldn’t be long before you start reaping the individual perks of a green lifestyle.

Kristina Ross is a Freelancer and Blogger at Save on Energy. Passionate about the health of our planet, she’s dedicated her career to raising environmental awareness. When she’s not writing, you’ll typically find her making her own jewelry or improvising to the best of her ability in the kitchen.

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