Self Improvement Tips: Little Things That Make A Big Difference

Don't forgetBy Shelli Thompsonand Gordon B. Thompson –

You can find self-improvement tips everywhere these days, from women’s magazines to some people’s email signatures! It seems like almost every business out there wants to thrive on making you insecure about some aspect of our live and then giving us tips to “improve” on the problems they’ve convinced us we have.

Of course, there are legitimate things that all of us need to work on. You may not need a certain brand of toothpaste to improve your social life, but almost everyone could stand to take better care of their dental health.

With that in mind, realize that Gordon and I already see you as a valuable, competent person. We don’t think you have any reason to be insecure about yourself. But we also recognize and respect your decision to work on your life and make the changes you want to make.

And not a single one of these tips depends on using a particular brand of toothpaste in order to meet your soul mate.

How well are you managing your time? This is one tip that is frequently overlooked, but we think it’s a key tool for self-improvement. It’s much harder to meet any of your goals if you don’t prioritize your time. We recommend you start using a calendar. But before you commit to anything, ask yourself if the thing, whatever it is, will serve one of your larger goals. If the answer is “no,” don’t do it.

Are you exercising at all lately? If not, we recommend that you start even if you just walk for 10 minutes a day. This tip doesn’t have anything to do with your waistline or your appearance. It’s about your mental and physical health, both of which you need to achieve any of your other goals in life – and to enjoy your life!

If you’re leading one of those incredibly hectic lives that doesn’t leave you time to cook healthy meals, try to make small improvements to your diet. Eating just one piece of fruit a day can make a difference.

How much attention do you give to your appearance? Again, this isn’t about worrying about the way that others see you. This tip is about making sure you see yourself in a positive light. If having your nails done gives you a lift, do it. If taking a minute to wear something that makes you feel confident, do that.

Self-improvement doesn’t have to be a hard, slogging, uphill in January type of marathon existence. There are small, easy things you can do every day that will improve your health, increase your peace of mind, and help you face yourself and your life with optimism and energy.

Of course, the most effective self-improvement tips are the ones you come up with for yourself. So when you’re finished reading this article, we want you to pick some of the tips from our list – whichever ones speak most to you – and then give yourself two additional tips of your own. Make them easy, measurable, and as enjoyable as possible. Then work the tips you’ve chosen into your daily life, and sit back and watch in awe when you see how much power you have to improve your life!

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