Showing Gratitude – Never Taking Life for Granted

By Alicia Isaacs –

Showing gratitude for your life can make the difference between taking life for granted and experiencing a fully enriched life full of joy and contentment.

Showing gratitude causes the seemingly simple things in your life to become magnified and appreciated. You begin to extract the joy out of every moment and every event in your life you encounter. In this state of gratitude, your vibration is elevated and you feel satisfied within.

Start with something small

If you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for, start with something small – at least something that you take for granted each day. When you lay in your bed express gratitude for a warm comfy bed that you could snuggle up in every night. How about your warm cozy blanket? And as you lay there, let your mind think about other people who have no bed, no blanket and send love and comfort to them. Say a prayer for them and feel your level of appreciation soar. This can be a very sobering exercise especially when we’re complaining about how bad things are with us. Take it a step further and share with someone in need.

Show gratitude to the people in your life

Now is the time to show gratitude to your partner, your children and your friends while they’re here with you. Don’t wait for when your children are all grown up to begin to show gratitude for even having them – although if you’ve never done it when they were at home, now is a good time to start.

Express gratitude to your partner, this may be the turning point in your relationship that’s needed to bring you both closer together. Decide what’s most important here.

Make gratitude a mindset and a lifestyle

When you make gratitude a habit you’ll see everything through the eyes of appreciation. Practice the habit of gratitude as soon as you awake every morning, throughout the day and the last thing before you go to sleep. A life filled with gratitude radiates joy and connects you to peace.

Whenever troublesome situations come look for the good even in its smallest form and shift into gratitude mode. You’ll learn to appreciate everything and take nothing for granted. Familiarity causes us to take things for granted after their initial excitement is over. However, gratitude brings renewed appreciation each day and helps us see the familiar from a fresh perspective.

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