Six Proven Rules to Help you Build your Self-Esteem

By Theodore Sunnybrae

Six Proven Rules to Help you Build your Self-Esteem

The importance of self-esteem in a long term relationships immeasurable. Let us look into what self-esteem actually means.

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Self-esteem is feeling good about yourself. It is allowing yourself and others to take pride in you and your accomplishments.  If you do not feel good about yourself you will find that others will not feel good about you. When you radiate these negative feelings the outcome is usually negative. It is important to remember that being positive helps build self-esteem and also keeps you in the right frame of mind .

If you truly like yourself and are comfortable in your skin, you will find that others will feel the same. The more negative vibes you transmit you will find it is like a whirlpool effect of negative feelings. We must never let these emotions be released. It is important to radiate the positive vibes from you to others around you. Let your inner self out and make sure you are always focused on positive thoughts.

To prevent these less than favorable opinions of you, follow these easy steps and you will be on the path to a long, satisfying and healthy relationship.

 Build your Self-Esteem

1. Let your artistic self emerge.

2. Make only promises you can keep.

3. Do not lie to yourself or to others.

4. Look at the glass as half ful not half empty.

5. Take credit for who you are, do not wait for others praise.

6. Never sell yourself short, do not speak negatively about yourself or belittle yourself.

Remember! until you love yourself no one else will love you the way you want to be loved. People around you will also pick up on your positive attitude and this will make them much more positive.

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