Small renovations which make us happy

Feeling low and dull throughout the day has a lot to do with the kind of environment we live in. if you have been lazy and less excited about everything in life lately, you would know that it costs you your peace, your sanity, and your energies. You can’t excel, you can’t grow, and you can’t laugh or feel happy about one particular thing, or about everything.  Stale paint, clutter, disorganized closet, stained tiles all of it add a kind of stress on your brain. You can’t apparently blame the condition of your house for your bad mood but if you freshen up the appearance of it, you will feel some of the burden lifting away.  Let’s talk about some small renovations which can make us happy.

The renovation is another name for rejuvenation; grab your wits and a good toolbox to fix the area which needs improvement; bring in plants, change the paint, clean the grout, add mirrors, install gutter covers, In-short there is a lot you can do to make you feel better in your home.

Following are some small renovations you can do in your house to make yourself happy.

Do it yourself:

Chose a Sunday to do the minor changes around the house, you don’t have to call professionals for the minor fixes. There is a lot you can do renovations which make us happyyourself; finishing a task with your own hands gives you a certain kind of peace nothing else provides, so choose to do the small renovations yourself.

Install the gutter covers:

Clean out the old gutters if you don’t intend to replace them. Place the step ladder again the wall but not the gutter, don’t damage the aluminum structure by leaning the ladder against it. The best move will be to rent an articulating ladder, fix that against the roof and your gutter won’t be harmed. With the help of a small brush, scoop all the debris from the gutter, clean it well. Remove all of the nails from the old fittings and place new ones and install the covers. Some covers slide under the shingles from the other end. Take a good care of the closing mechanism and see if the cover is spread to all of the aluminum structure of the gutter.

Bring in new plants:

It’s always good to add a little green in the house, if you are living in an apartment, bring small planters or pots to hang in the balcony where you can sit in the evening to have a cup of tea. No matter how much we love them, the succulents and cactus family are sad plants. I may face a lot of net-rage on that but it’s true. When I say sad, I mean they offer a relatively less happy vibe, go for summery floral plants. Choose a plant which can produce flowers for most of the year.

Clean the grout of your bathroom tiles:

If the grout has become pale, grab an old toothbrush and toothpaste and start scrubbing the grout. Don’t put too much pressure because the excessive pressure will erode the grout from its place. Gently but effectively get rid of the stains. Once the apparent staining is gone you will renovations which make us happygood stepping on to the floor.

Buy a red sofa, and if you can’t, get a red throw-blanket:

A red sitting chair is a huge stress buster, if you have one already in your place, clean it well with the help of sofa cleaners and try to get fresh upholstery if the red has faded. If the fabric is still in the good color and texture, add in a complementing cushion or two to increase the comfort of it. If you don’t already own a red sitting chair, I recommend you to buy one right now. The sharpness and the warmth of the red overwhelm the rest of the decor and provide vibrancy in the room, which is mandatory to keep you active through the day. If big purchases are not an option, buy or make a red throw blanket and place it on the sofa or chair you already have.

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