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Something Good is About to Happen

By Irene Conlan –

Last night on “60 Minutes” an interview was conducted with coach Pete Carroll who has set an awesome record with the USC football team. One of the highest paid coaches in the country, he  earns close to 4 million dollars a year.  During his tenure he has  produced three Heisman trophy winners, 53 NFL players, and 33 All-Americans.  He says he’s having the time of his life.

He stated “I keep thinking day to day, that somethin’ good’s just about happen, you know. And so, that mentality, whether I’m in a game or coachin’ in the midst of the season, I don’t know how to think otherwise. And that doesn’t take you to misery.”  His philosophy is “win forever” – seize  every opportunity and make the most of it.

But that’s not why I  think he’s amazing.  Coupled with his positive attitude is his service to his community.

He goes into the roughtest neighborhoods to find the toughest gang members he can find to teach bitter rivals how they can live together without violence and how they can help the kids in their neighborhoods.  He doesn’t do it to get anything back – he just wants to help young people and to stop violence. He says he goes to help create hope and help young people understand what they are capable of becoming.  He started an organization called “A Better L.A.” composed with a number of professionals who now work together instead of separately. They are making a significant difference in that city.

This is a man who epitomizes positive thinking and positive living. He’s an example of  what  each of us can accomplish if we start our day knowing that something good is about to happen and believing that we have the strengths and character to make a difference.

Most likely none of us will be leading a major college football team like the USC Trojans or going to the projects to work with the Cripts and the Bloods. But we can know that something good is about to happen and  we can help where help is needed. We can take a meal to someone who has just lost a loved one, or babysit for a neighbor who needs to get out of the house for a while. We can visit an elderly person who has no family or perhaps tutor a child who is struggling in school. We can pick up the phone and call someone who’s lonely or volunteer at the local hospital or hospice. We can take our unused items to Goodwill or volunteer at the local food bank. The list is limitless.

Start today with knowing that something good is just about to happen.  Then make it so.

To read the transcript for this segment of “60 Minutes” click here.

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