Spirituallly Create Your Life Within the Concept of Oneness

By Richard Blackstone

Each of us has within us the same powers and abilities as the creator of everything that exists, seen and unseen. We are made of the same stuff.   We are one. Our creator created us in her image and likeness, and we were sent into the physical world to experience what we know of as concepts. To do this we are allowed to create any and all experiences that we choose during the time we occupy our body.

Creating is our mission. We are creating machines. Being separate hides this from us. Being one reveals this to us. Being separate causes us to react to our experiences. Being one invites us to be the cause of our experience.

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These two entirely different paradigms manifest entirely different experiences. Being at the effect of your experience allows you to not claim any responsibility. Being at the cause of your experience means that you are responsible for all that you create. We have created and co-created the world as it exists today. Unfortunately we have created most of it unconsciously, but we still created it.

We have created the idea that we live in a world where we are separate from each other, separate from God, and separate from our planet. We can just as easily create a world where we are one with each other, one with our God, and one with our planet. All we need to do is choose to do that and create it.

This is how it gets done. Simple, yet complex. It all starts with you. You create every facet of how you choose to experience your life. It all starts with your thoughts. As you abandon the thoughts of being separate you adhere to the thoughts of oneness. Your thoughts of oneness band tightly with the other thoughts of oneness to create a collective thought of oneness throughout the universe. When the oneness mentality is stronger than the separation mentality the universe manifests your creation into your reality. This happens individually and this happens collectively.

As you create this for yourself you see the peaceful loving outcome of living within this oneness paradigm.  You wonder why you didn’t choose this before. Instead of the drama, you could have chosen peace. But you understand that the past is just your past. The wake does not drive the boat. The boat of ‘Your Life’ is propelled forward by the present moment decisions you choose and create every second of your life.

Create who you choose to be. Don’t let somebody else tell you who you are supposed to be. You are the creator of your life. It is your play and you are the writer, director and star of the show. You know deep within you that whatever you choose is possible so why not think big. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by playing small. Most of us have created that experience before and have observed that it doesn’t serve us. So think big. You are big. You are one with God. Does it get any bigger than that?

What you conceive and believe, you can achieve. Make this your motto. Write it in your day timer or on your message board. Start thinking it all the time. When your mind thinks negative thoughts, drop those thoughts and replace them with this new thought. “Whatever I conceive and believe, I can achieve.”  Then believe it. Test it consciously so you can see the results of your creations. Be aware of the correlation between your thoughts, words, and deeds and what shows up in your life.

Create peace in your life. Create harmony. Create abundance. Create unconditional love. Create a paradigm for yourself that says you are one with nature, and one with God, and one with your fellow man. Create this consciously and then be aware of its manifestation.

Notice how your life is more peaceful. Notice the harmony in your relationships with other people and with your environment. Notice the abundance in which you live. Notice that you give and receive love unconditionally and therefore much more freely. Notice that you have a relationship with nature that is more meaningful than you have ever experienced before.

Notice that the God who seemed so separate from you now seems to be an integral part of your very being. And notice that you stop making judgments about your fellow man and see them in the light of acceptance as another aspect of yourself, with a different body and different agenda, but with a universal spirit that is on the same mission.

Create this for yourself and then co-create with your fellow human beings to manifest a world where your choices, and therefore your creations, are based in love, not fear. See this world unfold before you and rejoice in the peace and harmony that you have created.

It is your choice. It will always be your choice.

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