Stay Fit and Healthy: Fitness Rules for Men over 40

If you are a man approaching 40 and you want to stay fit and healthy, this article is for you. Many get to experience the concept of aging after their 40th birthday. This is especially true of men who will start to lose muscle after turning 40. It is all part of the aging process, but it is possible to delay or prevent muscle loss. It can slow cognitive decline as a result. If not provided proper care, a male over 40 years of age will quickly develop osteoporosis, heart problems, and blood pressure amongst several health issues. The process of aging is irreversible, but an active lifestyle can help slow down this process.

An active lifestyle does not mean working out more at the gym. This is especially true of men over 40 years of age, as they are likely to develop complications if not careful. Under the guidance of sites and fitness professionals, it is possible to get a good understanding of workouts that are suitable for a 40-year-old.

Basic Workout Template After 40

There is a need to maintain an active lifestyle to maintain fitness and health after 40 years of age. However, it is not possible to stick with the same type of workouts that are being followed by a 25-year-old. An over 40 workout plan for an individual should involve three significant components – Bend, improve, and relax. A combination of these three components is essential to provide flexibility and ability while also managing the overall fitness levels. Since cardiovascular work is crucial in improving fitness levels, it cannot be skipped.

An individual over 40 should consider paying attention to stretching at every session. All sessions have to be split evenly in such a way that fitness and strength are given equal importance. Furthermore, one should not overwork the body. This can be done by limiting a hard session to just once per week.

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Adding Variety to Workouts

Many people end up lowering workout variations as they get older. However, this should not be the case since it is time to add variety. There is no single best workout for 40-year-old man. Instead, a combination of exercises can be followed for better health. Even though certain aspects like lifting weights can be crucial, one can also add workouts that challenge regular patterns. These include martial arts, hiking, yoga, and even gymnastics. Since there is a strong likelihood of injuring oneself with these new variations, one needs to start at a beginner level.

Rather than focusing on building biceps or specific parts of the body, one can work on improving core strength. Every muscle after 40 years of age starts to decline in bulk, and it makes more sense to focus on overall strength, which will be beneficial for posture and balance.

Workout Types to Improve Strength

After a round of stretching, it is a good idea to focus on workouts like front squats, pullups, deadlifts, and presses. Each exercise should be performed for 3 to 5 sets with each set containing up to 5 reps. Hence, the total time required for these workouts would be around 25 minutes. It is not recommended to work out longer, as the ability to recover declines with age. Most of the days should be taken quickly with a one-day set for finding the maximum limits. This can help slowly stretch the body’s capability to find its maximum. Unsurprisingly, such a massive day should be followed by a few days of taking it easy.

Cardio is a critical cycle for men above 40. It is a well-known concept that walking is essential to long-term fitness, but running has the potential to burn more calories. Of late, there has been a lot of bad press for running, and it can be a bigger problem for men with bad knees. In such a case, cardio activity for the day can be achieved through swimming, rowing, cycling, or even cross-country skiing. Apart from improving the body’s metabolism, you will also be getting some fresh air and much-needed vitamin D. This helps prevent osteoporosis, which is becoming increasingly common even in the case of men due to a decline in overall health.

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Introduction to HIIT

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is a perfect option to improve health by burning unwanted fat in the body. A common misconception is that HIIT is ideal only for young individuals, but this is not the case. It is possible to improve men’s health after 40 by performing high-intensity workouts for shorter periods. This would turn out to be beneficial rather than slow exercises throughout the week. Many scientific studies have also shown that HIIT plays a crucial role in the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is essential to prevent muscle loss.

Importance of Healthy Food

Every successful workout depends on the consumption of healthy food, which also has a huge to play in the background to the secretion of vital hormones. For example, testosterone, which is a critical male hormone, actually comes from cholesterol. There has been a sizeable decrease in testosterone levels amongst men in recent decades, as many have switched to low-fat diets on recommendation from the media and health industry. This may not necessarily be healthy for the body, as a certain level of fat is required. It does not mean that men should gorge on fast food and French fries. Instead, healthy fat should be targeted from a diet like meat and free-range eggs. There is a lot of protein, even in vegetarian foods.

Fats that are consumed in this process should be ensured that they contain levels of fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6. The former helps in fighting inflammation, while the latter helps boost the immune system. A recommended ratio of O-6 to O-3 fatty acids in the diet should be 4:1 or less.

Generally, the focus should be provided more on meals that are prepared rather than packaged food. Carbohydrates are acceptable as long as they are consumed after training.


Thus, it is essential to have some workout to remain fit and healthy even after 40. It is not the most tedious task, but slight modifications have to be made to the activities used by a much younger person. Doing so will not prevent the aging process, but it can undoubtedly delay one.

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