Staying Healthy During the Holidays

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The holiday season is the most awaited part of the year that all people get excited about. Whether you are from the west or the east and have different kinds of celebrations from others, you still look forward to it as a way to rest, relax, and have some free and valuable time with family and friends. It is an opportunity to have a guiltless time off for vacations and luxuries. However, this positive air that the holiday brings also entails some drawbacks. During this season, people do not get much sleep, are vulnerable to many stressors, and prevent some of their routines like exercise and diet. All these may result to not actually getting relaxed but being unrested and less healthy, and this is what all holiday-lovers should avoid.

Enjoying the holiday does not mean that you should get stressed from holiday-related tasks and obligations. For one, you should feel like the stock market that experiences what is called the “holiday effect,” whence sales rise and even reach all-time high. You should get the most out of the occasion take advantage of everything that may come, and you should do that in a way favoring your health. Here are some tips on how you can stay at your best condition and prevent gaining weight during the holiday.

Set Your Goals

Setting your goal can help you be at focus on what you should do and not do during this special season. Most people gain weight during the holiday because they just gobble anything that is on the table. Making a goal like you should stay away from cakes and should taste only a little sweets will greatly help in maintaining your figure. Do not carelessly forget you goal; if you need to, make a reminder on your cell phone, post it on the mirror or fridge, or tell anybody to remind you about your goals. Even though it looks fussy, it helps you get a warning signal on what you should avoid doing and eating.

Reconsider Your Schedule

It is normal for people to get busy during the holiday or have a messed-up schedule. However, obligations should not interfere with your schedule to visit the gym or do your running and walking exercises. Help yourself by making a schedule for your important tasks throughout the season. Determine the time for your shopping, parties, visits, and out-of-towns, putting high consideration to your gym and exercise hours. By this, you will be able to stay fit and never miss out on your holiday perks.

Be Mindful of Your Eating

Indeed, it is easy to be unconscious about what you eat during the holidays. There are a lot of sumptuous foods prepared in all your relatives and friends’ houses, and you can not disappoint them by not having a taste of them. The secret here is to avoid eating rich foods that can ruin your health or make you gain weight. It is understandable to put some of these delicious foods to your mouth on the most important occasions like New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve, but if you do not want to punish yourself in the gym or with exercises later, eat these only on the given occasions.

Maintain Your Diet and Fitness

For many, it is almost impossible to stick to their diet during the holidays because of several luxuries. Some also just do not care about forgetting their fitness routines. These factors are legitimate reasons for gaining weight and being unhealthy again. Of course, you want to prevent that. Do it by making conscious choices and learning how to say no to food that will ruin your diet and fitness. It does not follow that you totally avoid delicious food; the important thing is knowing when to stop and being moderate.

Prefer Healthier Food

In all parties, there are a lot of inviting foods, which makes it difficult to resist eating them. To avoid gaining weight during the holiday, go for the salads, greens, and lean meat first. Eating green vegetables and protein-rich food will make you full faster, so you will be saved from overeating.

During the holidays, it is important to enjoy, but it does not mean that you should sacrifice your diet and fitness in all the festivities accompanying it. By keeping these tips in mind, you will not regret about anything later when you go back to the gym.

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