Steps Of Positive Thinking

By  Munyaradzi Chinongoza

Positive thinking is something that everyone should be doing in life so that they may achieve their goals. There are a few steps that should be followed because positive thinking will make you happier and achieve those goals in life.

Step one: Appreciate everything that your body can do for you whether it be breathing, dancing, running, playing, sports, allowing you to drive because although we may think of these things as simple everyday things they are actually luxuries because remember not everyone is able to do them.

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Step two: Make a list of things that you like about yourself it can be anything you want because everyone has something special about themselves that they can do or they like that they do.

Step three: Remember that true beauty is not only on the outside, it is also on the inside and when you truly feel good about your self you suddenly gain more confidence.

Step four: When you think about yourself or look at yourself, think about yourself as a whole person and the person that you want other people to see you as. If you want people to see you as being strong and independent tell yourself that you are strong and independent as well.

Step five: Hang out with positive people that have goals and ambitions and do not concentrate on the negative. It is a lot easier to be more driven and positive on a whole when you are with positive people and people that are not getting themselves involved with the wrong things in life.

Step six: Do something good for yourself and rewarding, something that you truly like and enjoy.  Finally step seven, use your time more efficiently. Instead of wasting your time worrying about silly issues, use it to help others in need. By helping others you will feel better about yourself. These are just a few of many steps you can use for positive thinking.

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