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Stress Relief Through Laughter And Play

By  Joy Idries

I guess most of us at some time in our lives have experienced a feeling of overwhelm. That’s the time when you feel absolutely bombarded by stress and frustration everywhere you turn.  In these situations you are most likely to be laughing much less and spending a whole lot more time frowning.  If so, this would be a good time to do something different to make a positive change and bring some happiness and balance back into your life.

You will need to take some definite action, to make a more conscious effort to bring moments of laughter and joy into your life.  This might not be quite as hard as you think if you make use of something called State Management.

State management involves doing something, taking some action, to change your mood from one emotional state to another. And the best way to do this is by CHANGING SOMETHING IN YOUR BODY. Let’s take an example. Have you ever noticed what a difference it makes when you smile? If you experiment with smiling right now – just smile to yourself – how do you feel? Do you feel any different than a moment ago? Most of us would answer, “yes”. So in fact just a slight movement of your body, your lips, has changed the way you feel. So you can see, then, that it is very likely that the more you bring laughter into your life ON PURPOSE, the less you will be at the mercy of anxiety, struggle and stress.You become the master of your own states.

Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Sure, there are things in life that have to be taken care of and that require your focused attention.  At the same time, it is important to see the real value of laughter, of being silly for a moment and of not taking yourself too seriously.  Taking yourself and life too seriously all the time leads to stress and steals your happiness, joy and ultimately your health away from you.

Give yourself a break.

Take time to be silly, to have fun, and to laugh and as a result you will find yourself feeling much lighter and happier throughout your day. It has a ‘knock on’ effect of making life feel much more manageable as the resultant endorphins are released to boost your mood and make your body feel good too. As a result and with practice you will be able to tackle the most stressful moments in life with a smile on your face and a feeling of empowerment!

Make Time to Play

In order to bring more happiness into your life, be certain to make time to play.  Make it safe for yourself to take a sacred moment to do something silly that will bring a smile to your face and maybe even to the face of someone else. Do it with people you love.

Life is a circus and you are a clown – have fun!

The great news is that there are many ‘silly clowning’ techniques you can employ in order to bring more laughter into your life.  Try these on for size;

• Talk in a silly baby language

• Make funny faces in the mirror or make them for someone else

• Make goofy noises or exaggerated sounds

By sprinkling silly and fun moments throughout the day, you will be able to maintain a more light-hearted frame of mind.

Making Positive Associations

Bring Mindful Laughter into your life. What does Mindfulness mean? It is a practice used mainly by people who meditate or spend time on inner reflections. It is a way of stepping back and watching or witnessing yourself as you engage in some task or go through an experience. So you can laugh, cry, be angry, wash the dishes, talk to a colleague etc  and at the same time WATCH YOURSELF laughing, talking and so on.  Using mindfulness and laughter together you can aim to form a positive association with situations you usually find stressful.

For example: Try this

1) Imagine something that normally makes you feel stressed, such as a bill coming through the letterbox then

2) Laugh out loud at the same time as thinking about it. It is ok to make your laughter artificial to begin with. It still has the same effect on your body as genuine laughter and it is quite contagious so you’ll probably start laughing genuinely after a short while.

3) By making a positive association between the laughter and the bill you will start to notice your feelings change about that bill or situation. It will no longer feel so stressful.

Use the Media to Your Favor

There are several ways you can use the media to help you get a quick laugh and bring some more joy to your day.  Watching comedy programs is a great way to bring more laughter into your life and this method has been well documented as a way to bring back good health after an illness. Or you could fast forward or fast rewind a DVD and see how funny the characters look moving at such speed …. a bit like the old ‘keystone cops’ black and white movies. This method has sometimes been used with trauma victims as an exercise of the imagination to reduce the strong effects of the trauma, and with good effect.

So, remember, problems in life may sometimes be rather challenging but you have the power to decide how you will respond and it is amazing what a slight sprinkling of laughter can do to make it all a little easier!

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