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8 Mental Health Tips to Avoid Getting Stressed out over the Holidays

8 Mental Health Tips to Avoid Getting Stressed out over the Holidays

Holidays are a time to have fun but they can be very stressful. This is the time when people engage in things like shopping, attending to visitors and attending social events. The activities are too many for a person to handle thus leading to getting stressed out over the holidays.


Studies have shown that some people get really stressed out during the holiday to the point that they develop depression. There are many ways of reducing stress to ensure that you enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

How to avoid getting stressed during the holiday

1. Consider how often you engage in traditions

Naturally, people feel pressured to do certain things during the holidays. That is mostly true when it gets to certain traditions. Be keen on the number of times you choose to do traditions because not all traditions are necessary. Activities such are visiting your parents are the ones which we consider necessary.

2. Choose 3 holiday activities instead of attempting to do all

Having unrealistic expectations of what you will do during the holiday is actually what contributes a lot to holiday stress.

Try not to make over twenty different kinds of magic happen. We recommend creating a list of 3 holiday experiences that you require to have. It could be things like, volunteering somewhere or engaging in an activity that will really benefit you.

3. Save a playlist on a Smartphone

We recommend carrying songs on your Smartphone so that when too much traveling and excess partying drains you, you may have a break and listen to music. There are playlists which contain music which will energize or calm you down.

4. Ensure flexibility around holiday gatherings

You do not have to accept all invitations you get. In fact, you might accept an invitation to a big party but when the day of the party comes, you will feel like not attending it. But since you had accepted the invitation, you will be forced to go and that will make you feel stressed. Instead of just accepting an invitation, we recommend saying something like, I will try and come or I would like to attend.

5. Recall a moment when things did not go as planned however you still enjoyed

Holidays may induce excitement since there are expectations to live up to wonderful past memories and form other great ones. People set a high bar for themselves but forced wonderful moments do not happen.

Before holding a party, introduce your partner to your family or engage in any other thing which can excite you. Recall a moment from the past when all things seemed to fall apart however you still have a great time. That is a reminder that things do not need to be excellent in order to be good.

6. Have downtime

Organizing parties, purchasing presents, preparing wonderful meals and several other holiday activities can bring you stress. Plan to have a free time when you can rest, sleep or engage in something that can make you relax. Ensure to adhere to those times the same way you would stick to a doctor’s appointment.

7. Contact the person who you do not get along with before seeing them

Just before the holiday starts, that is the perfect time for people to get along. You can call the person that you do not get along with just to know if they are doing fine. This can seem scary but it is worth it.

This will also be helpful if you have an unsolved issue with someone. You can tell the person on the phone that you would like the both of you to have a wonderful time during the holiday. This means that there is no need to talk about the unsolved issue. You can also suggest other things that you can talk about. You can come up with safe topics such as their previous vacations, what they have been up to and so forth.

8. Therapy

If you are extremely worried about how you will handle the holiday, we recommend making a therapy appointment. Often, holidays bring so many painful memories or emotions which are above normal stress. This is what leads to depression and anxiety. It is difficult when you have forgotten something painful but memories about it came back during the holiday.

If you have a therapist, he or she will provide you with some great tools which can help you handle your feelings.


Those are the best ways of avoiding becoming stressed during the holiday. Did you find this information useful? Do you know any other tip which you feel we should have included in this article? Leave us a comment and if you have any question, feel free to ask.

About the Author:

Chris Cary is a web designer, traveler, and a private tutor. Apart from his designing work, Chris also likes to take part in charity events with his friend, photographer Max Polyakov. Chris is a baseball fan and most of all he loves to spend free time with his two little kids. 

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