5 Proven Hacks That Rapidly Supercharge Your Self-Confidence


Do you need to supercharge your self-confidence? If you’ve suffered from low self-esteem, insecurities, and lots of self-consciousness, you probably know how hard it might feel to truly love yourself or enjoy any kind of self-confidence. In my opinion, we’re in the midst of a self-consciousness epidemic. Millions of people are struggling to love themselves and feel confident in a world engineered to bring them down at each and every moment.

Self-Confidence Hacks

That’s why, building strong self-confidence might sometimes seem like a daunting task, and many people fail at their numerous attempts at doing that. The good news is, building confidence doesn’t have to be hard! I’ve done it, and thousands of people did too! All it takes is some discipline, unlearning negative thought patterns, and sticking to it until you truly transform your mindset.

In today’s post, I’ll share with you 5 powerful hacks you can apply right now to your life for a more confident life!

#1 Accept the fact that you’ll never be perfect

One of the mightiest forces bringing your confidence down is the desire to always be perfect, or what we like to call “Perfectionism”. This is naturally the enemy of any kind of self-confidence or self-acceptance. Since you’ll always be on the never-ending quest towards perfection, and you’ll never actually get there. The biggest thing you can do for a stronger self-confidence right now is to abandon the perfectionist mentality and accept the fact that you’re not perfect, and never will be. At the end of the day, nobody really is!

#2 Understand that people judge from their own level of perception

Many of us have lived for years with low self-esteem, due to other people’s perception of us. Personally, I’ve suffered for almost a decade from nonexistent self-worth, primarily because I’ve been basing my own worth upon other people’s opinions and giving them too much weight. This, in my opinion, is one of the most destructive things you can do to your mindset and mental health. By understanding that people only view you from their own limited lens, and narrow perspective, you put things in context. This, in turn, will liberate you from that toxic mindset, since your self-worth won’t be dependent on anyone’s opinion anymore.

#3 Celebrate your individuality

If you’ve ever fallen into the trap of comparing yourself to other people and measuring your success or failures based on other people’s experiences, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. The problem with comparing yourself to others is that it’s almost always an unfair comparison. Unfair comparisons are actually one of the famous cognitive biases out there.

When you compare yourself to your friends, coworkers or classmates, you’re actually hurting yourself; since your circumstances and personality have little to do with other people’s. By accepting the fact that you’re a unique personality with a unique journey, you’ll only compare yourself with one person, your past self. This frees your mind up for the things that really matter, and allows you to prevent any unneeded stress or anxiety for not keeping up with some crazy arbitrary standards.

#4 Put your skills and talents into good use

One of the most underrated skills for building an unshakable self-confidence is personal development. Personal development can take various shapes and forms, but it always comes down to improving yourself, developing your skills and putting your talents into good use.

Many people somehow still believe they aren’t special, or that they have no talents. The truth is, almost everyone is unique at something, even if they don’t immediately realize it. By digging into yourself and realizing what makes your soul light up, you can easily pinpoint your talents and interests. You can then advance your skills and develop your talents through reading, courses, workshops and so much more! The bottom line is, as you develop yourself and get better at what you love, you’ll notice how your self- confidence levels will soar!

#5 Give yourself some credit when it’s due

Many of those suffer from low self-esteem are also notorious for never giving themselves credit for anything they do, no matter how great those things are. The reason is, many of us still feel we’re not ‘good enough’ despite our best efforts, and the result is low levels of self-confidence. To solve this problem, learn to give yourself credit when it’s due. This doesn’t have to be a colossal achievement or an earth-shattering accomplishment.

This can also be what I like to call “Micro accomplishments” such as leaving bed or preparing yourself a nice meal when you least felt like it. By training your mind to feel appreciation for the smallest things, you’re rewiring your brain to fire dopamine, the hormone associated with accomplishments. Now, you’ll feel much more confident since you’re giving yourself credit for all the small steps you’ve taken, which eventually add up to amazing things on the long-run.


Building self-confidence shouldn’t be rocket science, and it doesn’t have to involve years and years of trial and error. By following the previously outlined steps, you’ll see results almost immediately, provided you remain consistent with your self-confidence building efforts and remember to love yourself along the process!

About the Author

Ismail Taher is a writer, novelist, screenwriter, blogger, and an aspiring entrepreneur from Cairo, Egypt.  Since a young age, Ismail was described as a quiet, introverted person who dared to ask the big questions and challenge the status quo. Ismail experienced a spiritual awakening that transformed his thinking and his approach to life, at the age of 18,  

Ismail published his first mental health novel “Cherophobia”, and a year later, changed his life by switching from medical school to study business and economics.  He is currently through his last year of college, running his own self-help blog, and worked on many writing and business projects. His goal is to be a bestselling author, academy-award winning screenwriter, successful entrepreneur and someone who leaves his impact on peoples’ lives.  ismailmtaher.com/blog

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