Ten Tips For Relaxing Your Body and Your Mind!

meadow200By Janie Corbett –

1. Take 30 second breathing breaks throughout the day.

Take a deep breath so it feels like you are blowing up your stomach and then close eyes and exhale! AHHH!

2. Take several yawn breaks or place a bottle cork between your front teeth to ease stress!

Yes, yawning is a great stress reliever too. Both of these help relax the jaw muscles and bring more oxygen into the brain!

3. Massage your shoulders, neck, feet or temples with your hands or a massager.

Touch has been proven to not only help calm your nerves it also lowers your blood pressure.

4. With eyes closed place a warm cloth over your face.

Feel the warmth melt your stress away.

5. Listen to relaxing and spiritually uplifting music or affirmations.

Even if you only have time for one song, it really gives your mind and spirit a positive break.

6. Smell your way to relaxation.

Lavender or chamomile help you feel relaxed and to energize you and keep yourself from overeating try green apple, banana or peppermint.

7. Take a 30-second vacation.

Use your mind to visualize a relaxing place and recall the wonderful thoughts and feelings.

8. Take relaxing shower or bath.

Enjoy the calming effect of the water and the solitude.

9. Learn a few Yoga, Chi-gong or Tia Chi stretches, or techniques.

These ancient techniques awaken our energy fields to calm our body, mind, reduce stress, and boost our immune system.

10. Learn meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, biofeedback or diaphragmatic breathing.

All are time-tested ways to reduce stress and restore body mind balance.

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