The Essence of Happiness

By Sam Borrett –

All human beings are longing for happiness. Each individual could describe moments of happiness in their own words through different situations, according to their personal perceptions.

Imagine bringing all the descriptions of happiness of all these people together, fusing them in one and through an alchemical process extracting the essence.

What we would find could surprise us. The essence of the happiness is the state of being ‘one’ with oneself, or one with existence to be more poetic. Looking a little deeper into it, the level of happiness of a person is directly related to the degree of totality a person is able to experience the Here and Now.

Whenever your body, mind and soul are functioning together in rhythm it is the beginning of a movement towards real life, and a movement towards a change of a person’s chemistry. The change in body energy and a change in a mindset are more accurately speaking a slowing down of thoughts and a quietening of a noisy mind.

The important thing to remember is that whatever process is being used for the transformation of energy the basic fundamental is, whatsoever the method or meditation, it has to fill this requirement: that the body, mind and consciousness should function in unity.

Generally we have become too civilized as humans with little or no vitality, no energy – and when there is no energy, there is no joy. As we are presently, little energy is left over at the end of the day because we are usually divided in two.


Sam Borrett
My life has been always about how to integrate the material and the spirit, a bit like Zorba and Buddha. There is a way less travelled and we can find encouragement from others.

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