The First Tool of Self-Improvement Explained – Part (1)

Businessman sitting in lotus position, Isolated against white backgroundAbout Correct Meditation and its subtle mechanics:

Part (1)

The first two things to let sink in and really grasp about the simple practice of transcendent meditation:


2. You do not anticipate/expect anything to come out of its practice on the thinking level of the mind.

So what is being explained and the effects that eventuate after several years of its application, happens from the basis of the unconscious level of the mind. So never imagine/anticipate anything from out of the practice of transcendent meditation. That is where the word trust comes into the equation and the word faith comes into the equation. Thus do it and forget it. In a sense, it is like brushing your teeth every night for dental hygiene likewise, you meditate for your spiritual hygiene. It would seem very odd if all the thoughts of the day were taken up with the mechanics of brushing your teeth, along with the effects that come from brushing your teeth i.e. “nice teeth”. Apart from the fact you would drive everyone around you up the wall from talking about brushing your teeth all day, your teeth will eventually fall out…’cause someone will probably knock ’em out to shut you up…well maybe.

So once you have firmly grasped a clear understanding of implementing the mantra of correct meditation then, after its short practice, bring your attention back to the outside world and all its responsibilities. Become busy with all the necessary activity to survive in the world after each application and forget all about it. You do not have to understand the process to obtain the self-help benefits that come out of Correct Meditation. For 99% of the population this is how it should be, because very few people are psychologically suited to study metaphysics. So understand that all the spiritual effects that come out of correct meditation, are ‘unconsciously’ and ‘silently’ acquired. So leave the imagination and your own creativity out of its silent process…as well as the media.

Comprehend that the physiological effects that transpire within the mind and body (out of the practice of correct meditation), are the activity of trapped residual stress locked up in the subliminal mind, the nervous system and your body, slowly dissolving and producing thought activity in the process. Along with emotions that flood the mind on occasions. You learn to accept them and then ignore them and go back to mentally intoning your mantra whenever streams of thought, that is residual stress dissolving, interrupts the rhythm and pulse of your mentally intoned mantra. As a consequence, you find yourself thinking and dwelling on a particular thought instead of reciting the mantra – got it? On that basis, it is the effortless way to accomplish spiritual enlightenment.

Note: Which simply means having found your source, you have located the spiritual component of life and the “why” of Creation. Along its silent path, you will dissolve all that you are not to become all that you are, therefore a normal positively functioning empathic human being. It is important to understand that you do not have to understand the workings of the mind one little bit to accomplish this miracle. Thus you do not need to know how the process works to silently and effortlessly acquire all the benefits that come out of its practice. No super duper brilliant mind with heaps of medals attached to it is required in other words. So if you are not interested in understanding the mechanics of the mind that’s fine. Leave them alone and get on with something that does interest you in life. Metaphysics is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You have to be psychology suited to explore the quantum mind. We are all different and that is how the uninvolved Creator intended Creation to be. But, if we learn to innocently culture the silent abstract base of Creation into our total physiology, then we become the same in our love and respect of this beautiful Creation on the level of that silence and, that is the key to establishing all harmony within all diversity, therefore acquiring ONE base platform to function out of with our individual thoughts, deeds and creativity. Then create what you like and do what you like within any individual or collective reality that you function out of, because then you will be functioning automatically from the ‘integrity’ of the Laws of Nature…intuitive right action is its automatic result.

To summarize: Correct Meditation is a technique to incorporate into the daily routine and any reasonable lifestyle, so that it becomes a normal everyday habit to do automatically and naturally. You do it then you forget about it until next time. About all these words on the subject matter: We have to establish its path and direction through words…especially for Academia, but that is the only reason for all these words about the subject matter. Because the name of the game is developing the backdrop of ‘silence’ in the mind and not words. Therefore understand the technique understand the basics and then forget all about it and get on with your life and all the beautiful things to do in it. It is a simple technique and it should be kept a simple technique and not given over to the non-stop talking media to destroy its dignity as they do with a lot of information. No, transcendent meditation is your personal contact with the Absolute Intelligence that has created Creation…and that silent contact is very personal and should be kept that way.

Your experience that eventuates is your experience and other than discussing it with someone qualified, keep it to yourself. Thus other than a casual reference with other’s and friends, do not let it become a focal point for general banal discussion ‘here, there and everywhere’. Yes, initially you need to discuss what you are experiencing, but do so with someone who is an expert, and they are not to be found within the Commercial Media and its bent for sensationalism and stirring up people’s emotions to sell news by. Nor are they to be found in the commercial section of the pink pages of your telephone directory, well not yet anyway.

Clarification: Everyone is different, so therefore all experience out of the practice of transcendent meditation is different, similar maybe, but never the same. That is why it is important to discuss its early settling in period with a competent teacher so that you do get on the right path and not go making it up as you go along. There is only one correct way within Correct Meditation and that is through the guidance and long experience of a qualified teacher. Once you are firmly established along its path, then you need never go back to the teacher.

That is the blessing of regular twice daily transcendent meditation. You are beholden to none but yourself to accomplish its spiritual goal. Therefore you are your own Master along its path. Its silent practice is between you and the Absolute inactive uninvolved silent intelligence that underwrites Creation. That inactive Abstract Silent Intelligence accepts everything, from the most beautiful to the most ugly from the most tender to the most cruel. But, Divine intelligence accepts only the most tender into its active spiritual domain that sources the Laws of Nature and the Cosmic Mind.

Note: It is a tenderness that is the strongest influence in Relative Creation, for it powers Relative Creation with creativity and spiritual silent non-demonstrative love, and that love is perfect. It is a permanent silent anchor to all that life hurls at you in the way of traumatic experience. That gift is a natural product that comes out of the long term application of Correct Meditation. Therefore it is open to all to acquire and be able to function out of Spiritual Consciousness as a natural consequence. Then are our thoughts and desires intuitively connected with the ‘order out of chaos’ function of the self-referral spiritual Laws of Nature.

End of part (1).

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