The Healing Codes – The Unacceptably High Cost of Living in Fear

By Jerry Graham –

Fear and Anxiety Are Everywhere

Have you noticed that fear seems to be settling in for a long visit? A quick glance at the news tells us that many people are fearful about the economy, their investments and whether their jobs will survive this downturn. We hear stories every day about people losing their homes or jobs. Widespread financial disaster appears to be looming on the horizon.

And that’s just the economy! So many other issues–terrorism, hunger and crime, to name a few, have more people than ever living in a state of unease.

The Cost: Stress and Disease

And there’s a cost to all that fear–anxiety, depression and stress are escalating in response to external factors that seem to be out of our control.

What’s the result of that escalation? It’s an astronomical increase in the incidence of disease. Equally troubling is the accompanying increase in the amount being spent for health care.

Here’s some alarming information to illustrate what all this fear is doing to our bodies:

– In 1971, cancer was the eighth leading cause of death in the United States. It’s now number two and recently predicted to become the world’s top killer by 2010!

– The skyrocketing amount of money being spent on mental and physical health is now overstressing the Medicaid and Medicare systems. According to ABC News, thirty billion dollars are being spent every year for prescription drugs alone. That’s a 330% increase since 1977!

The End Result: Crisis in Healthcare Industry

What’s the end result of this fear/illness cycle? One thing is clear; we now face a healthcare system in absolute chaos. Consider the reports being issued almost weekly refuting the benefits of drugs once thought to be therapeutic. We’re now finding that original medication studies were skewed by withheld data! With our own bodies succumbing to the effects of fear and stress, and our healthcare system crumbling around us, what can be done to bring us back to health?

CAM Solution Number 1

There are two solutions available right now to anyone willing to take advantage of them. The first is what Dr. Alex Loyd, founder of The Healing Codes, calls “living from the heart.” In a nutshell, this means being willing to face the chaos in our lives, in truth and love. Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, has found in his research over the years that ninety percent of disease comes, not from genetics, but from our own internal programming.

In order to bring healing to our souls and bodies, we must be willing to change the programming, or response, to the chaos around us. Will those external factors change? Maybe not, but when we begin to approach the stresses of life from a place of peace, love and health, we begin to heal our own bodies.

CAM Solution Number 2

Another remedy to the stress that kills us is the “energy medicine” which God built into nature to allow us to heal ourselves. Based upon quantum physics, energy medicine works at the cellular level to bring about change. Imagine breaking our dependence on our ailing health care medicine and, instead, choosing to use this God-given tool for healing. Energy medicine is no replacement for living from the heart, but it’s another tool we can use to move ourselves toward healing.

What is the cost of living in constant fear? Depression, despair and illness. But there’s hope! The fear we’re living in now doesn’t have to control future health and happiness. We already have the tools available to face the storms that come into our lives. By learning to live from the heart, and taking advantage of the power of energy medicine, we can break the grip of fear and begin to heal its effect on our bodies.

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From Jerry Graham – aka Doc Jerry & the other half of The Coaching Pair.

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