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The Importance of Choosing Premium Dog Food for Your Pooch - Self Improvement

The Importance of Choosing Premium Dog Food for Your Pooch

When buying food for your pooch, do you consider its nutritional value? Do you check to see if the food is the best one on the market for your dog? It is important to note that your dog’s age, weight and health needs are not the same as another dog. It is important to take these things into consideration when buying premium dog food for your pooch. Royal Canin dog food has been specially prepared to ensure your pooch has a healthy meal.

So why is this on the Self-Improvement Blog? Because so many of us have dogs that we love like family (because they are) and we want them to live long and happy lives.

Nutritionally balanced for a healthy weight gain

Dogs that are either too thin or overweight are unhealthy. Poorly balanced meals may lead to abnormal weight gain or weight loss. Although it is often assumed that dogs that are overweight are overfed, sometimes the problem is the food they are given.

The food is specially made for your dog

Your dog’s ideal food is one that has been prepared based on his age, size, sex, state of health, and level of activity. Physically active dogs need food rich in carbohydrates. They also need to be fed more frequently than dogs that are not active. If your dog is recovering from an ailment or suffers from joint pain, there is premium food that has been prepared to help with the healing process.

Premium foods follow strict nutritional standards

Premium dog food undergoes several tests before it is certified fit for consumption. When you purchase premium food, you will be confident that you are buying a meal that has followed the nutritional guidelines for your pooch. Some of the requirement for premium dog food include high-quality meat, vegetables, and supplements.

Companies that produce premium dog food combine these products to ensure the flavor and nutritional balance is correct. Laboratory analysis is carried out to ensure the energy content ratio is right and that the food meets the lifestyle and age of the pooch. The balance of nutrients in premium meals is different for puppies, adult, and senior dogs.

The food has been tested on a pooch just like yours

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Before premium dog food is released to the market, it is tested on dogs for which the food is aimed. These tests can take up to six months. During this period, veterinary examinations are carried out as well to verify the dog’s response when it comes to food intake. The dog’s body weight is also monitored and observed. By the time this food gets to the store, you can confidently purchase them knowing everything was done to ensure it is excellent for your pooch.

It does not contain fillers present in regular dog food

One argument against premium dog food is the cost. Some people consider it costly. However, it is essential to look at the nutritional value against how often you need to feed your pooch. Budget meals are high in fiber, referred to as fillers, but lower nutrient content.

For your dog to get the recommended daily nutrition intake, he needs to be fed frequently. Premium foods, on the other hand, avoid fillers and instead concentrate on the nutritional elements. Most of this food is absorbed in the dog’s body, and so the dog feeds less. Compared to a pooch that eats budget meals, the stool from a dog that feeds on premium meals in smaller.

When buying premium dog food, it is vital for you to consider more than the price. The benefit to your pooch is significant.

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