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The Law of Attraction at Work

The Law of Attraction at Work

It’s done! I sign the escrow papers today! Yeehaw!

I?get the key this afternoon!

?The house is mine.

It was a tremendous lesson for me in manifesting something big. The small stuff is usually easy. But a house when the market crashes is as easy for the Universe to supply as a parking space at the mall. I’m usually the one who gets in the way.? This time my intention was very clear, I worked on staying in a state of joy as much as I could – and at at times it truly was work – and I trusted the Law of Attraction. I listened to Abraham-Hicks CDs to keep me on track and hold me steady. I kept hearing Abraham saying, “You ask, God answers immediately.” My job was to get out of my own way so I could receive.

And so this blog posting is about gratitude. I am so very grateful. We have a house with a mother-in-law quarters (in this case it’s mother-quarters) and a space for my son and grandson that they can make their own. It is the best possible solution for our living arrangement. It has a big back yard and my 3-almost-4 year old grandson wants two dogs. The cat won’t like it, but there’s plenty of room.?And a Starbucks is within walking distance.

My thank yous go to:

  1. Christopher, my son who found  the house, helped me manifest it, and gave me this blog ( and
  2. Toni Wellman, the real estate agent who worked so hard to make this happen (
  3. Taum Hemingsen, the mortgage-broker-miracle-worker http://www.( who went above and beyond the call of duty to make this happen
  4. Abraham-Hicks for their wonderful teachings (
  5. All the people who have had a hand in making this happen (even the appraiser)
  6. And especially, the Divine Ones who are so important in my life (Don’t need a website for this one)

I get the key this afternoon.? Yeehaw!

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