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By Tom Tamargo –

How to Develop Self Mastery

Radios and televisions blaring, fingers tapping on keyboards, sounds and music streaming, conversations describing a myriad of experiences, problems, wishes and opinions all funneled into the brain for processing. From the moment we awake till our head hits the pillow we are surrounded by sound and people advising, instructing and vetting. The power of silent reflection is all but gone from daily living. This silence, which our ancestors were able to relish in the absence of this new age living, allowed them the time and the ability to contemplate not only the problems but also the purpose of life.

The human race is continually inundated with new technologies and new forms of communications all vying for our precious time. What is the effect on the thinking process that we are so highly dependent upon? Our lives are filled with streams of background noise and the speed with which we process information has created a disparity between the input of information and the time that we use to reflect on that information. Like sponges we absorb a barrage of editorials, blogs, news, social networking, television, radio and a host of media propaganda that must all be dissected in order to make informed opinions and decisions.

This has created an anomaly in the thinking process. We have conveniently fallen into a habit of group think. It is much simpler to associate with groups and accept their agenda and/or propaganda. The hurried pace of our lives leaves us little time to really delve into any subject in depth and make cogent decisions. Much of the rancor we now see in the news today is a result of the dependency on group think. Associating with a particular group without having a truly thought out position, may lead people to take on a defensive posture when confronted by others with different opinions.

When feeling threatened by someone else’s reasoned facts or opinions the easiest route is to become boisterous and aggressive in an attempt to win the argument. Sometimes the rancor and rhetoric can become extremely inflamed. The political sector is rife with pundits who spew hatred and furnish the talking points for those who have bought into their way of thinking. This occurs on the left as well as the right. Religions also play an immense role in group think and has been the basis for uncivil discourse and even violence.

There is no greater force in the Universe than the power of thought. Before anything becomes a reality it must do so as a result of a thought. So thinking is a process that must be done in the most effective manner possible. Not all thought however, in and of itself is a force that produces definite results. Some thoughts have force and some do not.

There are two forms of thought, objective and subjective. Objective thought is general thinking, reasoning and intellectual analysis and is centered in recollections and mind pictures. The process involved with objective thinking does little to manipulate the mind and body.

Subjective thought however has force. It can be described as the heart of the mind. It has depth of feeling and moves through the undercurrents of the mind. It is at the heart of mental thinking and is always connected to the vital forces of life. Subjective thinking is what takes place in the subconscious mind. It has the ability to work for you as well as against you.

The interplay between objective thinking and subjective thinking is what creates the essence or personality of our being. Objective thinking and manipulation is how self mastery can be attained by redirecting thoughts to the level of subjective thought, thereby giving them force. These thoughts should be directed toward positive or good values. Having attained a positive inner essence one’s being is then susceptible to achieving positive goals. One of the main reasons that the Law of Attraction does not work for so many, is because their essence is not in tune with the goals they wish to achieve.

This process of changing objective thoughts to subjective thoughts with force is not as easy as many of the guru’s lead you to believe. There in lies the power of silence. Any individual truly interested in achieving their goals and mastering the LOA and manifestations must spend time in silence. Whether you call it Meditation or any other fancy name, it is imperative that you spend uninterrupted time in deep contemplation. It is there where you will find the answers to your deepest fears as well as the direction of your path.

It is obvious that finding time in today’s’ fast paced lifestyle will not be easy, but it is necessary. Until you change your inner being by replacing either bad or random thinking with positive thoughts you will be at the mercy of the thinking of others. You must not cede your ability to control your life to a group think mentality. Make time and take time to enter into silence and seek the answers that will give your life meaning and direction.

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