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This is a guest Commentary — Christopher Conlan – www.

The Why —  this is a very complex question, with a very simply answer.  We often ask ourselves “Why I Am I Here” — “Why Doesn’t God Love Me”  “Why Does THIS happen to me”….. the answer is “why not”.

My answer to the question, the same answer I’ve found for myself is “Why the Fuck Not”?

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How dare we tempt fate, God, Karma or any other pinnacle of non-self-reliance with questions like “Why ME”?  It is outrageous, sacriegious and pittfully stupid to wallow in our own self-defeat.

God gave us life, free will and a beautiful planet to live upon.  How dare we possibly pray for help when we have all of the tools to help ourselves.  We are all gods, we’ve been given the gift of opportunity.  It is disgraceful to be sad, bereaved or depressed when we can open up a window and breathe in the fresh air that God gave us.

Everything is a learning opportunity.  Everything that happens that we feel is a curse or sadness or loss is simply a chance to not make the same mistake twice.  It is the beauty of the handshake deal we all make with the Almighty when we’re born.

“We’ll fuck it up, please give us a second chance to make it right”.

It’s the essenece of Christiantiy, and most religions, other than fundamentalist Islam which calls for the destruction of the human/Christ spirit.

It really comes down to a simple fact… you believe you are worthy of God’s LOVE.  If you’re not, then please join the jihad and blow yourself up.

If you are, then start by loving the people around you more than you love yourself, and rise up against the governments or authorities who would tear down the opportunity for kindness, giving and love afforded by the same God we all worship, or should.

 Conlan for President

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