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Three Soul Searching Questions for Finding Your Life's Purpose

Three Soul Searching Questions For Finding Your Life’s Purpose

By  Laura Turner

Often society dictates our thoughts, our wardrobe, our style, even our weight. Yet, what happens if we’re not perfect in “their” eyes? Endless dollars spent on cosmetic surgery? Self-image issues? Loads of time spent chasing images of what we should be?

If you (like me) struggle with your image of self and the role models who define it: consider this article your freedom ticket! Here I outline several ways to enhance your personal beauty that won’t cost anything more than your time and focus. It may even liberate you from the dregs of peer review. The premise? Great things happen when you learn about yourself away from the “tribe.” And even better things happen when you take the wisdom and permission to color outside the lines. Begin your quest to find your life’s purpose by asking yourself these three, soul-searching questions.

1.) Do I Take Time In Nature?

In effort to find ourselves truly and authentically, we first need to do what my favorite spiritual guru, Dr. Wayne Dyer says: leave the tribe and spend time in nature. Does this mean selling off all your worldly belongings and moving to the woods?  Not necessarily.

Taking time to dream and imagine apart from the tribe can create a foundation for true self-definition.

Perhaps this simply means turning off the tube for a week and spending down-time being quiet. Or expressing your creativity through the art of writing, drawing or doing something of your choice that you love to do. The list is endless. If it gives you peace and quiets the world around you, you’ve created your piece of heaven.

2.) Do I Take Responsibility For My Gifts?

We have all been given gifts by the universe, but here’s the challenge: It is up to us to use them! We know that our gifts were given to us for a reason, to use, explore, enjoy and share. As my friend tells me: “When we use our gifts, God smiles.” It pleases God when we use our talents and when doing so we are blessed.

Listen closely: If we share our gifts with the world and focus on the positive – we will be shown more ways to express our talents and serve the greater good. It cannot happen any other way. What we care about and place our attention on expands. Take some time to observe yourself closely: Do you have an ear for music, eye for art, literature? What’s your gift? Ask yourself are you taking absolute responsibility for it (them)?

Do I Have A Personal Mission Statement?

If you are with me so far, you’ll be taking time out of your busy schedule to find and nurture the God given gifts bestowed upon you. In addition, once you’ve identified your talents or dreams, try my favorite request letter to the universe: create a personal mission statement. This is a technique I like to use in effort to define my personal legacy.  It should help you to do so, as well.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself what you’d like people to remember about you. What do you believe you are here to do?  In other words: What do you stand for? As Martin Luther King tells us: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” It need only be a short statement. Here’s mine: To inspire. It’s that simple! Identify your mission (or choose one) and put it in pen – you’ll be amazed at what develops. Each day I look carefully for ways to use my gifts in concert with my personal mission statement.

In Conclusion:

In Conversations With God, author Neale Donald Walsch says life has no purpose save the one we give it. What’s your purpose? It’s a simple, yet thought provoking question. Give it some thought. Be brave! Declare your mission, identify and take responsibility for your gifts. Let them expand and contribute them to the world.  You’re positive energy will be contagious.

Laura M. Turner, M.S., CHHP is an author and certified holistic health practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Want to know how to use these principles to heal your life? Let Laura show you.  You’ll find all the answers in her latest book: Spiritual Fitness The 7-Steps to Living Well: Visit Today to learn more and subscribe to her free eZine.

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