Time and Your Priorities

alarm clockBy Karin E. Fried¬†–

Time is something that we can’t control. I know. I’ve tried. I keep saying “if only I had a few more hours in the day… “.

But, then what? You could cram more things into your life? Step back and take a look at what’s important. Do you really have to do all of the things that you try to do? Really? Are you being honest with yourself? Or are you just trying to impress all of the people around you with how much you can cram into your day and your life?

I remember when the kids were little and one of my neighbors had her kids in gymnastics, ballet, basketball, piano lessons… and on and on. I was exhausted just listening to her. I know that they didn’t really have the money for all of the activities but it seemed like it was “expected” of the parents. Give the kids everything. But at what price?

Doing too much costs you time, money and your sanity. Let’s be honest!

Kids get tired just like adults. They need “down time”. They should be allowed to run outside and play, without being dragged from one “activity” to the next.

And adults… same thing goes for you. Are you involved in too many activities that you don’t have enough time for yourself? Or your family?

Are you on too many committees and trying to impress too many people with how busy and exhausted you are? Why? Will being on all of these committees and going to all of the “after hours events” really do anything for your career or job? For most people the answer is “no”. Unless your job requires you to “sell” anything and you are on commission or your “business socializing” actually brings in money for your company, you are really taking away time from your family.

Step back and re-think your priorities. Family should come first. That doesn’t mean that you drag them to every possible event. It means that you give them your time. Your undivided attention. That is more precious than everything else in their life.

Time… It goes by too quickly!

Re-examine your priorities. Yes, you can have activities… but don’t go overboard. Do what feels right for you… not everyone else. You don’t need to impress your neighbors with how busy you are.

Have a great week and remember… Less Clutter in your Life makes for a happier you!

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