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In today’s society, we are expected to do several things in a small amount of time. Most of the time, people really have to learn to be good at multi-tasking in order to get things done on time. Small businesses may have decision makers who wear several hats for the company from owning a share, managing a team, buying and purchasing products to actually making the sale. It can become pretty hard to compete with multi-tasking individuals, especially if you don’t have any time management skills.

Wikipedia defines time management as planning your schedule accordingly within a given amount of time in an effective and efficient manner. But what people fail to understand is that without proper time management, you can become replaceable — at work or at home.

If you take a moment to reflect back to your childhood days, you may just come to realize how important time management truly is because it has been embedded in us to do things in a timely manner. At school, students are given assignments and projects to be accomplished by a certain day. In high school or college, we have several subjects to study, and each class may assign a project all with different due dates — how did you manage your time then? How are you managing your time now?

There are several reasons why managing your time can be beneficial in all aspects of your life — family, love and work life. Let’s first agree that the economic state of our country is not as strong as we hope it could be, even if it is slowly becoming stable. However, because of the restraints we have due to the economy, businesses are looking for people who can help build the company up, not just keep the company afloat. They want to hire people who will do a specific job on time and lend a helping hand when needed. They want someone who takes initiative to do more than just what was asked of them. Take secretarial positions nowadays, for example. Not only are they expected to answer the phones, take messages and cater to the visitors, but they must organize files, schedule meetings and daily activities of their bosses and respond to general emails or inquiries from clients or customers. Without time management, a secretary of today might not just ruin her job, but also delay the business dealings of her boss and his clients.

When it comes to your personal life, whether it is about your family or your partner, time management is also key in keeping the waters running smoothly. Working parents need to balance their time between their personal and work life. Otherwise, their child or partner might think they are not worthy enough to spend some time with. Stay at home parents know that running a home is not easy either. You have to manage cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, cooking, laundry, running errands and paying bills while your partner is at work. You need to have a good sense of time management in order to get everything done on time and efficiently.

There are several ways for you to develop time management. It starts with prioritizing what is the most important thing to do and what needs to be done first. Next, you want to make sure you be proactive — this means no procrastination. Finally, make it a habit to organize your schedule so that you won’t miss a thing. You can also research and read about other ways to help you develop the proper time management skills to keep your life in order.

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