Tips For Coping With Disappointment

By Trevor Johnson –

It seems that disappointment is part of our everyday life. Here are some tips for coping with disappointment that will help you to better deal with things when disappointment strikes.

Decide how you will react

I’m sure you’ve seen two people react totally differently to the same situation. It’s the old cliche of whether the glass is half empty or half full. The thing is, although it may not seem like it at the time, it’s totally up to you how you cope with disappointment. Practice changing your reaction on something small first – that way, you won’t have too much in the way of sabotaging yourself to deal with, it will be simply your reaction that is under scrutiny.

Turn it around

A lot of the things we encounter in life appear difficult at first but once we accomplish them then it’s all different. Edison is often quoted as having found in excess of ten thousand different ways to fail to make a working light bulb. If he hadn’t turned the problem around, we’d still be using candles. Seek out and use a method to turn round your disappointments into something more positive. This sounds superficial but is surprisingly effective.

Remember, disappointment doesn’t care about you

Hard as it may sound at the time, whatever it was that disappointed you almost certainly couldn’t give a hoot about your reaction. If you’re able to harness even a hint of the same aloofness with your disappointing moments then you’ll witness a remarkable transformation in your life.

Don’t get angry

Or if you do get angry, don’t do it for too long. Anger and revenge can really sap your energy and even if they feel good at the time, that’s almost certainly not the case in reality. Don’t use anger as your regular method for coping with disappointment. At the very least, you’re likely to bug the people around you who could help. At the worst, you’ll be in a state equivalent to road rage and no use to yourself or anyone else.

Learn from your disappointments

If you’re able to sit back and analyse what caused your disappointing time then you should be able to learn from it. You may find this best done by talking to yourself (preferably in private) or chatting it through with a friend. Either way, do your best to analyze the cause of your disappointment in the role of an outside observer. You may that even this small step will diminish your worries. Even if it doesn’t, you can use the opportunity to view the scene as though you weren’t taking part.

Don’t get bitter

Sometimes this is easier said than done but it’s a trick worth pulling off. Once you let yourself become bitter about something that’s disappointed you, you run the very real risk of dropping deeper into your “low”. Smile. Think of something nice or, better yet, do something nice. In other words, help yourself to get over the issue.

Follow these simple tips and before long you’ll find yourself better coping with disappointment and enjoying your life more.

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