Un-Blocking the Funding or I’m a Human, Not a Fish

The article below – Your Emotions, Money and the Law of Attraction, by Steve Lobe  – talks about how your emotions can block your funding. Well, I believe my emotions did just that and the flow of funding for my house got stuck in the hands of the underwriter, with the appraisal as the culprit. It really  wasn’t the appraisal. I did the blocking all by myself.

It was a wake up call when the house wasn’t funded long before the day were supposed to close escrow which was supposed to be today – August 13.  “Why?” I kept asking.

I’m a fan of Abraham-Hicks (http://www.abraham-hicks.com) so I randomly picked one of their CDs, plunked it into my walkman and settled down to listen. After listening to three different CDs it began to become clear to me – I was manifesting what I DON’T want instead of what I DO want. So with some degree of humility I’ll share just what I did.

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I started looking around my condo and thinking “I’ll never get all this stuff packed up.”
I started dreading the move.
I started to worry about the money.
I questioned the soundness of our decision to buy the house (even though we had gone over it and weighed all the possibilities and I knew it was a good decision)
I let myself get in a “bad mood” about it
I was annoyed that everyone didn’t share my concern about the move, the money and “all the obstacles.”
As I started getting bids of things we needed to get the condo on the market, I was wondering if I shouldn’t stay here in this pretty little place.
Now, all of this is rather normal. No big deal, really. But it’s enough  to change my energy and bring everything to a halt.

So, I’ve done some “Abraham things”:

 I’ve been on a rampage of appreciation – getting and keeping my thoughts on beautiful and helpful things so I can keep my thinking and my emotions in the absolutely positive range.

I’ve continued with my packing and, as each thing went into the box, I imagined how nice my things will fit in the new house.

I visualized my grandson playing with his new dog in the big back yard. I could almost hear his giggles.

I gave approximately 200 books to a charitable group and let myself bask in the good feelings that come with sharing and with simplifying my life.

I talked to Chrissy the cat at length about the new place and how much nicer it would be for her. I don’t know if it helped her any but it did help me.

It switched my thinking from “poor me – no one is helping me” to “Wow! I have a new start again. How much fun is this!”

With all of this and more, I believe I have raised my energy level to a place that I can receive the funding.

I just got sidetracked, that’s all, and that’s human. I’m reading this delightful book, Spirituality for Dummies by Sharon Janis (see the Bookstore) and this morning I read, “You’re a human being, not a fish.” This was the response she got from her spiritual teacher when she brought up some issues she was facing.  That stuck my funny bone and set me off laughing the first thing this morning.”

Realizing that I’m not a fish, as a human being I can make choices about what I think and how I feel. I can unclog those channels and let the funding and the new house come on through. Stay tuned.

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