Using Meditation As a Self-Improvement Tool

By Joaquin Costa¬†– We live in a high speed and noisy society. Many of us are so accustomed to noise that when we are alone at home must have the TV or the radio on because it is too quiet. Silence becomes uncomfortable, and we avoid it. If not, we entertain all kinds of thoughts in our busy minds – the day’s activities, worries, plans… – anything but silence. Learning to welcome silence can open other regions of the mind and soul that have been repressed by a chatty mind and the noise of daily living. We can obtain insight through silence, if we let it be. By calming the mind through meditation, we can get a look at the soul and spiritual being inside us, and get a better understanding of purpose and fulfillment. Meditation needs the mind to be quiet, an absence of constant chatting of the mind, of the rambling of thoughts. This is necessary to access the inner guide. This will be difficult at the beginning, as you will find yourself thinking not to think and worrying about the thoughts that enter your mind. You will find out that your mind is always thinking, even when you do not realize it. You will find it almost impossible to quiet the mind, but it is not. When you are trying to silence the mind to enter in meditation, it is necessary to be in the present, and only in the present. To accomplish that you must release the past, and any thoughts that are in the past. It is also necessary to release thoughts of the future, of things and plans that have not yet come into the present, and any worries about them. By releasing the past and the future, you exist only in the present moment, and that is how you quiet the mind, and enter into a state of meditation. All negative thoughts about the past are nonexistent in the now, and neither the worries of the future. By practicing this, you will learn to quiet and relax the mind. The mind will become stronger and more in control of the thoughts that enter it. This will release you of the bondages of the past, and the uncertainty of the future, leaving you free to enjoy and live in the present. This will give you the power to control your existence (the now), and the answers to live in the now. By connecting with the divine that is inside us, with our spirituality, we get the knowledge and inspiration to attract the positive forces into our present to achieve our goals and success. It is by being in the now, while listening to the inner guidance that we improve ourselves, and achieve success. Learn how to improve your life today… become a NLP Practitioner and then take the next challenge… the NLP Trainer training. Article Source:

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