Validate Yourself With Self Help

man in mirror 300By Greg Frost

As a human being, you will go through moments when you need to validate yourself. One way in which you can do this is through self help. Yes, it’s possible to validate yourself with self help, as long as you know how. You can do this on your own, without having to rely on other people. The first step you need to take is to be interested in yourself. Since it is widely known that people will not always respond to you the way you desire, learn how you can love and appreciate yourself. This step is crucial in helping you to overcome or solve many problems facing you.

Secondly, validating yourself with self help requires that you be able to summarize what you wish to share. This is important when sharing with other people and looking for validation from them. However, it applies towards self-validation as well. This process calls on you not to be overly judgmental on yourself. Value what you know, your inner feelings as well as any good acts done to others. You may succeed in getting others to validate you, but if you are harsh on yourself, chances of you continuing to feel bad about yourself or situations are quite high as well.

Self help measures require you to consider your feelings. If you learn to take notice of or value your feelings, you will acquire a lot of information which they are transmitting to you. Learn how to be kind to not only others, but to yourself as well. Trust what your inner being is telling you. These steps are very important in helping you to achieve a deeper sense of self-esteem as well as self-worth. Any information you learn about yourself needs to be accurate. You should not attempt to discredit your feelings, or ignore them in any way. You need them to learn.

When you make attempts at learning to validate yourself with self help, the goal is to bring you to a point of being able to love yourself. Consequently, it is best that you arrive at ways in which you can take deliberate measures to show that you truly love yourself. This is referred to as taking actions of loving yourself. The efforts you make in going out of your way to show those close to you that you love them, is the same way that you ought to show how much you love yourself. At times, it’s difficult to show how much you love others if you fail to love yourself.

Self help requires that you learn to appreciate your own behaviors. This should be habitually carried out where you show behavior that is considered as meaningful, or reasonable, or even effective. If you are nervous about a job interview, that should not make you disconcerted or cause you to feel unworthy. This is a reasonable human feeling which almost all people experience when they are about to face a situation they are not accustomed to. Use your feelings to learn about yourself and to push you towards self development.

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