Vibrant Health – The Six Most Important Things We Can Do to Maintain Vibrant Health

By Joanie McMahon –

1.) Vibrant health comes when we learn how to focus your thoughts into “good feeling” things. Our thoughts are the key to all wellness. When we are thinking positive thoughts and as a result, feeling positive emotions, we are doing the best thing we can do for our wellness. The universe is a vibrational universe, it responds to our emotions. When we are feeling good, good feeling things come into our life. And likewise, when we are feeling negative, negative things come into our life. We always experience the emotional equivalent of that which we are thinking. For example a person who is feeling angry most of the time may experience heart problems or a stroke or if they are just angry a little, they may experience a car accident or something like that. What we are receiving in our life is ALWAYS a vibrational or emotional match to what we are thinking and feeling.

2.) Vibrant health includes Drinking Pure Water: Water controls our body temperature, cushions our joints, removes wastes, transports nutrients and oxygen to our cells and protects our organs and tissue. Our bodies are primarily water and each day we lose a lot of water through perspiration or urination. This water must be replaced in order for our bodies to come back into balance. Many people drink coffee or alcohol or soft drinks and each of these drinks actually deplete the body of water. They dehydrate us! So drinking lots of water each and every day is crucial for the entire body to thrive.

3.) Vibrant health also includes eating organic fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and veggies have all of the essential minerals and vitamins in them that are necessary for wellness. When we eat fruits and veggies that are sprayed with chemicals the essential minerals and vitamins are destabilized, not present. Without the essential minerals and vitamins, all sorts of health issues come forth.

4.) Vibrant health has to include having fun! Doing things that are fun for us is essential for vibrant health. It is well worth our time to explore what brings us joy and moving towards those things and doing them often. If living near the ocean is fun for us, then that is information for you to move towards.

5.) Exercise is essential for maintenance of vibrant health. We were made to move. Each and every day finding some way to do aerobic exercises like walking or swimming or biking or any exercise that gets the heart pumping. Aerobic means with oxygen. As well, stretching for flexibility is crucial for keeping limber and toned and doing strength building exercises like keeps us strong.

6.) Trusting our inner guidance is another key to vibrant health. Truly believing that we know at a deep level what is best for us is essential to our well-being. Even though others can be helpful in giving suggestions, only we ourselves know what is best for us. When we learn to truly trust our own guidance coming forth from within, then we have a guidance system we can count on. People can get so lost in thinking that others have the answers to our happiness, and really only we have those answers. Only we know what is best for us in any given moment or day.

There are several other things necessary for vibrant health that you can read about in the website below. Join me in maintaining our vibrant health.

Joanie McMahon is President of Investment In Serenity Inc. She is a teacher/counselor/life coach/psychologist/writer and business woman. Joanie has worked her entire adult life helping others move into their magnificent selves.

Her passion is understanding fully how to use The Law of Attraction to her and her clients benefit.

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On a personal note, Joanie is passionate about hanging out in the Canadian Rockies where she goes to get rejuvenated on a regular basis by skiing or hiking. She has a regular yoga practice, loves to travel and is a great cook.

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