8 ways to boost your creativity

I’m a writer and a music producer, which is why being creative is one of my top priorities. If I’m not, I could end up staring at my laptop for 3 hours without anything good coming about. Being creative isn’t good just for creatives like myself. A teacher can be creative in his teaching methods and a salesman can display creativity when delivering pitches.

Creativity is often misinterpreted to be a trait that one is born with. It’s often confused with talent, but most of the times it has nothing to do with it. In fact, creativity is a skill that can be learned and it gets better when you know how to play around with it. Here are few ways you can spark your inspiration:

Spend time with yourself

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That’s right, just be by yourself and seek inspiration in books, an instrument or any other source of information. It’s called solitude and it’s the “place” where most inventors of all time have achieved greatness.

Focus on others

Everybody has his or her own life story. You never know where the next big idea might pop up from. The thing about inspiration is that it tends to creep up unexpectedly. Creative people know this fact. They keep an open mind and they’re ready to accept new ideas.

Don’t just listen so that people will listen to you back. Be curious and try to learn something from anything or anyone.

Accumulate information

Knowledge and skill are your two best friends when it comes to creativity. Forget about the “talent” myth and focus on becoming an expert in your field.

Question everything you see and strive to constantly be curious. One of the biggest barriers to attaining knowledge is thinking that you know enough.

Play around

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to write utter nonsense or if the drawing is too abstract. As long as you have your own angle and it has some significance to you, just let it flow. Some of the most popular songs in the world wouldn’t have come to fruition if the band members hadn’t played around the studio with their instruments.

Don’t let perfection or other people’s judgment stand between you and your inner child.

Be authentic

Be honest with yourself and your goals. Stay true to what you want and don’t let stress cloud your judgment. Stress can be a real creativity killer because it lowers your vibration and your mind will be elsewhere.

Observe the world around you

Nothing was ever created out of nothingness. Every great mind was inspired by some other great minds, and they wouldn’t have been if they hadn’t been inquisitive.

If you’re a musician, learn how to hear even the smallest detail of a sound. If you’re a writer, see why are the legends so legendary.

Generate ideas

Creativity goes hand in hand with productivity and not being afraid to fail. It doesn’t matter what line you’re in, just keep on doodling, writing or composing. If you’re not creating anything great, you’re certainly getting better at it.

Finish what you’ve started

We’re all creative in our minds when we’re in the shower and all these great ideas seem to pop up. You may even have the blueprint for it and ALMOST have all the pieces of the puzzle in place. If you don’t go all in and actually finish or apply your idea, you’ll be the only one who knows about it. Imagine Pink Floyd playing an incomplete version of their song “Time” during rehearsals because they didn’t bother finishing the song.

And this line wouldn’t have impacted people like me: “Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines”.

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Adrian Carol is the editor-in-chief at Nootrodelic where he blogs about nootropics, psychedelics and responsible use. He also plays the bass guitar and produces electronic music, carefully avoiding to fall into any category of music.

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