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By Irene Conlan –

I have searched since the beginning of this blog to find a company I could trust who provided what I consider mind tools — brain entrainment, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, subliminals and more — that were science-based, proved to be successful, and had information I could trust to be what the hype said it was. I have finally found that company — Inner Talk founded and developed by Eldon Taylor. Eldon Taylor has been a guest twice on The Self Improvement Show and I have featured his articles on this blog. He founded Progressive Research which develops and tests cutting edge products for our benefit. After thoroughly acquainting myself with Dr. Taylor, his company and products I signed on as an affiliate so I could make them available to you, the readers of The Self Improvement Blog. You will see them presented soon.  You can shop and be certain that you are getting exactly what is described.  Each week we will feature an “Item of the Week” and will introduce the remarkable new products as they become available.

Click the link for Progressive Awareness below and you will go directly to the MindMint site where you can make your selections of trustworthy, reliable tools that will help you tap into the remarkable power of the mind to bring about the change you desire. Progressive Awareness

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