Wellness in Mountains: Top 7 Health Benefits of Hiking

When trying to manage your overall wellness, you need to try a lot of things so that you find the solution that you prefer.

For a lot of people changing the environment itself is already a great way of improving overall physical and mental well-being. Some people feel better if they stay near beaches or tropical areas. For some the mountains feel like home.

Wellness in the Mountains

If you are looking to improve your overall well-being by going to the mountains then you should definitely get into hiking. On that note below are the top 7 health benefits that people who hike get from this outdoor activity.

1. Reduces stress

In a lot of people’s day-to-day life, you do not get to immerse yourself or surround yourself with nature as much, which can be very unnatural to our core. If you do not get to enjoy nature every once in a while then this can add to the stress that you get from your everyday life.

If you want to reduce the stress that you get from your everyday life then consider getting into the physical activity of hiking. Aside from physically getting you away from stress, it also helps you reconnect with nature which is always a good thing.

2. Lowers the risk of heart disease

When people think of doing cardio all day think about is that it is an exercise that will help reduce their weight. However, an important effect of doing regular cardio exercise is that it helps with the maintenance and the improvement of your cardiovascular system.

Hiking is a physical activity that helps improve your cardiovascular health. Hiking helps improve your body circulation, as well as the health of your heart.

If your family has a history of cardiovascular issues then hiking is an activity that you would want to get into.

3. Builds stronger muscles

As with any physical activity, hiking helps you build stronger muscles.

If you find that your lower body is in need of strengthening then you can develop it by getting into hiking. Hiking will help engage your legs, your thighs, glutes, and more.

Do note that it is best that you hike with equipment like hiking poles and hiking shoes so that you are extra safe and you do not over-exert yourself. Hiking sticks can even help you and get your upper body while you are hiking.

4. Improves bone density

The bone density of our bodies only develops most of the time during our childhood years. Once we get into adulthood, our bone density starts to level itself. Finally, once we reach our senior years our bone density will start to decline.

Aside from being conscious of our calcium intake, it is also important that you engage in physical activities that will improve your bone density. Hiking is just that activity that will be good for you as a child, an adult, and a senior.

5. Increases your metabolism

Did you know that if you stay in a fixed position for around 20 minutes it is enough to decrease how fast your metabolism works? This is why it is important for you to get into physical activity.

However, not a lot of people are in physical exercise or going to the gym.

If you want to increase your metabolism so that you do not gain weight fast but you do not want to go to the gym, then a non-traditional exercise like hiking should be for you.

6. Helps with weight loss

When managing your stress levels, you also are taking care of your weight at the same time. Therefore if you are hiking you are not only improving your stress levels but at the same time, you are also helping with your weight loss.

Also, hiking engages a lot of your body parts so it will help you tone your body. Even if you do not go to rough hiking trails, you can see results.

7. Improves mental wellness

The great thing about hiking is that it helps you get some exercise in while in a virtually peaceful place.

Hiking is a great activity that can serve as a mild meditation of sorts, especially if you are surrounded by mountains and the fresh breeze.


Hiking is a great activity that is good for any person within any age group, from kids to retirees. Aside from being a very doable physical activity for any age group, it is also going to provide avid or regular hikers a lot of benefits as listed above.

If you were not interested in hiking before then you should be more interested in it now after learning just how many health benefits you could get from doing this activity alone.

With the mountains in your background and the wind around you, it will really make you feel good to hike in the mountains. If you have not done it before, then maybe it is time to try something new?

About the Author

Jean Deruiter is a outdoor enthusiast from the US. She writes about high quality and innovative travel gears, as well as the dos and don’ts of outdoor travelling.

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