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What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?

What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?

leadershipBy Richard Brody –

Although there are so many individuals that assume some sort of position of leadership, very few actually becoming either meaningful or impactful leaders. The distinguishing characteristics often include the combination of one’s attitude and actions taken, as well as how satisfied and what one is willing to accept, plus one’s persistence and perseverance. When we attempt to understand what it means to be a LEADER, a mnemonic examination may be a great indicator and helper in terms of our understanding. Being a great leader requires: being an effective listener; evaluating what is needed, what is being done, and the best approaches; identifying alternatives; having a meaningful dream that drives one to a vital vision that creates motivating goals; proceeding with a high level of energy; and proceeding with actual resourcefulmess.

1. Most people will say that they are good listeners, but while most people do hear, very few truly listen. When one makes the effort and takes the time to listen, he spends far less time speaking and much more listening to others. There is an adage that we were given two ears but only one mouth, so that we should listen at least twice as much as we speak, but the greatest leaders dedicate even more time to listening, so that they are able to fully understand the needs of others in an empathetic manner.

2. Great leaders do not simply observe and intake information and data, but rather evaluate these factors in terms of how they can best be utilized and interpreted. The major difference between mere raw data and useful information is one’s ability to evaluate, interpret, and put them to best use.

3. Do you understand all the possible alternatives, and proceed in an open – minded, non – prejudicial, unbiased manner? When some seeks the best way to proceed, he becomes a potentially great leader!

4. Ask someone who claims to be a leader what his dream

5. You generally will not lead effectively if you are unable to communicate your message and motivate others to follow and take action. A great leader energizes those he comes into contact with, because his personal energy level becomes contagious in a positive and meaningful manner.

6. Nearly every aspect of life is a constantly evolving state. Therefore, only those leaders with the resourcefulness to adapt as needed, and the abilities and willingness to truly lead others, does what is needed to impact the situation for the better!

Do you want to lead? Then, consider these six requirements, and be certain you are willing to do what is required and needed!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, and Director of Development, as well as a consultant. He has professionally run events, consulted to over a thousand leaders, and conducted personal development seminars, for over 30 years. Rich has written three books and well over a thousand articles. His company, PLAN2LEAD, LLC has an informative website and Plan2lead can also be followed on Facebook

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