What is burning inside you that needs to be expressed?

If you could talk to one powerful person or group, who could make a difference,  who would that be and what would you tell them?  If you knew with absolute certainty that what you said would be listened to, understood and acted upon positively, would you say it? What is burning inside you that needs to be expressed?

What is burning inside?

Generally, I want to address a group rather than an individual.  For instance:

I would like to address all politicians in one “fell swoop” and say, “Hey, you’re supposed to be representing us rather than trying to find ways to fill your own pockets or advance your own agenda. If you aren’t going to represent us, at least tell us the truth.” I would like to tell them that they have to use the medical insurance they vote in for us. And that they have to abide by the laws they pass—no more exemptions because they are in power in Washington, D.C. My list for politicians is long, but that’s enough for now.

I’d like to say to say to the medical profession, “Wake up and smell the coffee! Many of you are no longer doctoring—you are letting machines do your diagnosing, and you are letting the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies dictate your treatment. Please come back to doctoring.” Use the machines, but don’t forget that you are the doctor! Talk to those of us who are your patients.”

I would like to say to those in Florida, New Orleans, and Puerto Rico,  “Our hearts go out to you. Know that you are strong, and you are resilient. Don’t give up. You can rebuild. How can we help?”

There are things I would like to say, both positive and negative,  to leaders in education, the news media, those who rescue animals and care for them as well as those who abuse them.  To some, like our troops around the world, I would like to say, “Thank you. Please keep on keeping on.”

Express, repress or suppress

I would like to say . . . Well, you get it.  I’m going to do my list of “I’d like to say,”  put them in priority and then say them.

A dear psychotherapist friend of mine taught me that the opposite of depression is expression.   It’s important that we express our needs and our desires. We can have strong ideas and emotions, and either express them, or we can repress or suppress them. Feelings that are repressed or suppressed can come back to harm us later as dysfunction or disease.  So let’s express.

What about you?

Let me hear from you. What is burning inside you that needs to be expressed?

Isn’t it time to say it and be heard?

I’ll post everything you write unless it’s just plain bitching. Make it real. Make it meaningful.

  1. Ryan Chua says

    Some people find it hard to truly express their opinions or feelings. They try to keep it inside them even if what they’re about to say is interesting, it all just ends up getting wasted.

  2. Marco Paulo says

    It is really hard keeping your thoughts especially from people who gets in to your nerves. It’s like a dormant volcano that has finally been awakened and about to burst, expelling everything it has inside.

    Sometimes, the things you want to express are the things that could actually make a social impact. They could turn rotten things into valuables.

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